Tips & Toes Long Lasting Lip Gloss Duo – Lustrous Berry

Tips & Toes Long Lasting Lip Gloss Duo – Lustrous Berry

Get the awe-inspiring combo of dazzling color and luminous lustre in one with Tips & Toes 24X7 Long Lasting Lip Gloss Duo. Its cushiony applicator works wonder in just one swipe.

No frequent touch-ups needed. Encased in beautiful packaging, it has lip color at one side while lip gloss at another with cushiony applicator at both sides.

Price :

INR 425

I picked these up a while ago, I spotted a tips and toes counter and I went all gaga to see a new brand around. I picked up some lip stuff which I will review soon but you know the story behind these duo lip stuff with a clear gloss on one side right? Its a pure love or hate product for most of us.

Tips & Toes Long lasting Lip gloss Duo Lustrous Berry

This one is like most of those duos, with a long last nail polish like lip color :p and then you have a clear gloss to top it off. The color here is to die for honestly.I loved how it looks in the tube and picked it up. But otherwise too, it goes on matte and then with the gloss it looks luscious, love it.

tips and toes long last lip gloss duo lustrous berry

You have to take care to apply a very thing even layer of color with the sponge tip provided with it,I love the berry plum color it is. It dries in 30 seconds and then you are ready t o top it off with gloss. Till the time you don’t wear gloss over it, it will be very uncomfortably sticky but the gloss smooths it over and you gt luscious plump glossy berry lips.

long lasting lip color

I found the gloss to be a bit runny in consistency.Otherwise no issues. The color is the right light consistency it should but stick to one coat only or else it will be all cakey. Now the whole deal, it will get patchy if you use your lips much.It stays on fresh for three hours easily provided you dont use your lips much, no meals, as anything you do with your lips will make it all pathcy and then you will have to literally rub it off.

clear gloss

I personally loved the color and I love such long last lip colors that set for days I want a perfect lip color for a short duration, but then it defeats the purpose of a long last product because I don’t count on it to be flawless for long, it will get patchy if you have a full meal.

berry lip gloss

tips & toes duo lustrous berry lipstick swatch

I don’t think it will dry out lips till the time the gloss is there, if you the color is there but the gloss has gone you can top it off with a gloss. If you think the color has gone patchy then removing it with an oil base remover is your only solution.

without gloss

berry lips (2)

with gloss:
berry lips (1)

I love it for the color, for the glossy effect and I count on it till the time it gets patchy, I wouldn’t wear these long last products for more than 3 hours, it is really a personal choice honestly, but use once they get patchy, these are a mess.I will be trying out more shades.

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  1. I love the concept of a clear gloss with the shade *hifive* i have a similar one in jordana *happy dance* loved the shade you picked up *pompom* without a gloss it looks a decent and cute one and with the gloss super-stunning *woot* *woot* beautiful swatches *woot*

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