How to Curl Hair at Home, Get Curly Hairstyle and Manage Curls

Curly Hair

beautiful curly hair
beautiful curly hair

So extremely privileged are the girls with curly hair and so lucky are the girls that have waves  styled by nature for them! How women always envy the things that they always want and how true is the liking of the grass on the other side. The adorable curls are liked and loved by everybody. They are of course special. And the wavy hair is so intense like the waves of the ocean.

The wavy and curly hair gives a dramatic look and feel to a women’s whole personality. Oprah Winfrey has lovely curls and she is a strong woman; looking adorable and strong is easy with curls! Lot of Indian women have almost fully-developed wavy hair and many others have the cute curls.

How To Curl Your Hair

If you have straight hair and you want them to look curly, you can certainly visit a hairdresser and get a ‘perm’. But that would be a permanent option. A better option is to get a curl at home making your hair stay curly for a couple of days. Here’s how to get a curl at home:

Wet your hair and apply mousse or a light gel. The next step is curl your hair. There are numerous ways you can do this, depending on the duration of curls that you want and the amount of pain that you are willing to take. While curling, make locks by dividing your hair into five sections, one at the top of the head, two at the right and left hand side and two at the back of your head-

1. How to Curl Your Hair Using Foam Roller-

curling hair with foam rollers
curling hair with foam rollers

Place the foam curler beneath one thick lock of hair. Roll the lock around the curler tightly and start rolling the curler up from inside. Once you reach the scalp hold the hair with curler securely with a bobbing pin. Repeat these steps with the other locks. Use smaller rollers on the side and front of the face and larger rollers at the back. Blow dry your hair and keey the curlers on as long as possible.

2. How to Curl Your Hair Using Straightener-

Dry your hair and comb it thoroughly to smoothen it out.

curling hair with straighteners
curling hair with straighteners

Spray hair with a heat protectant spray so that your hair does not burn. Divide your hair into five sections. Clamp the straightener on one section near the scalp. Now twirl the straightener inwards making the hair take a U turn. Run the straightener slowly down the hair shaft till the end. Repeat with other sections. Spray some hair spray on your curls to make them last longer.

If you are using a curling iron or hot rollers, do not wet your hair as the hot steam may damage your hair. Do read the safety instructions on hot rollers or curling iron before using them.

Curly Hairstyles

Depending on the length of hair that you have, you can have short, medium or long curly hairstyle.

short curly hair style meg ryan
short curly hair style meg ryan

Short Curly Hair Style

Go for a short curly hairstyle if you do not want to spend too much in your curls while getting ready for the day. Even if you have straight hair, you can maintain a curl by curling your hair through hot rollers, spiral perm rods, one-inch round curling iron, small curl perm rods or straighteners.

Medium Curly Hair Style

With hair length coming to just above the shoulder, medium curly hair style is perfect for women who do

medium curly hair style Charlize Theron
medium curly hair style Charlize Theron

not want short hair but also do not want the hassles involved in maintaining long hair.

Long Curly Hair Style

Some women have a combination of waves and curls that looks simply fantastic. The stunning actress Rekha has a combo of waves and curls that are long and black and beautiful. Blessed are they that have naturally beautiful hair.

long curly hairstyle
long curly hairstyle

The waves may start just from the root that looks heavy, stylish and smart. The fall of wavy hair on one’s body is almost sensual. The waves must run long, long enough after the shoulder level. The bigger the waves, the better it looks. Wavy hair defines beauty in a subtle way.If you are the lucky girl having long flowing hair you can varying sizes and levels of curls to make your hair look just like those of models in the commercials. Take different sections of your hair and make them curls of different sizes and at different angles using tools such as large barrel curling iron. You can also add a touch of tousled look to your hair. Remember that long wavy curly hair makes the face look thinner so if you have a round face, long curly hair style is the best for you.

How to Manage and Take Care of Curly Hair

The curls might be heavily together, spring-like, or softly curled like delicate creepers. The curls of any length look spectacular and pretty. Separated by a partition or not, the curls automatically create magical look. But managing the curls is the most difficult job. Curls are highly sensitive hair and treating them to extreme stuff might spoil its strength and texture. The curls have to be managed with extra care and nourishment. Do not use a brush on curly hair. Instead use your fingers to untangle your hair. The plastic comb is to be avoided. Use a wide-toothed comb. The curls must be softly de-tangled with an appropriate brush. The curly hair can tend be frizzy and look like a bush on a bad hair day. The morning curls are almost scary. If one has a huge bunch of curls they have to tone them down with hair softener and hair moisturizers.

Use a gentle shampoo and hydrating conditioner on your curly hair. But don’t shampoo your

lovely curls
lovely curls

hair everyday. IT makes the hair drier. Shampoo it every other day. Do not use towel to dry your hair, use your hand to squeeze out the water of your hair. Curly hair tends to be dryer than normal straight hair. IF your curls are dry and frizzy apply a dime sized anti-frizz serum on your hair and then blow dry with a diffuser. Always keep a diffuser attached to your blow dryer. Also, do not forget to deep condition your hair once every week.

The harsh hair gels and hair sprays must be avoided for the curls might loose their charm. While blow drying, one must take care of the curls or they end up being rough, fizzy and almost unmanageable. The curls have to be protected and hence before sleeping one must ensure that it does not get tangled by the rise of the sun. The curls have to be naturally natural and have to be maintained and conditioned well. But usage of harsh shampoos and harmful ammonia-based products might give trouble to the curls. To enhance the texture and shine of the curls herbal oils and mild shampoos may be used with good conditioners.

Some women constantly crib about their curls and try to change it by straightening them. It is a very bad idea to frequently straighten the curls as it damages the hair and hair breaks off easily. As soon as the curls are washed, the required softening products might be applied to keep it shiny and glowing. In all good hair is a way to look ravishingly beautiful.


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  1. Wow… I just looovvve curly hair…

    I use rollers all the time and i think rollers work better with hair spray rather than gel…

    But really a great article.. Very very useful…

  2. hey zeeba.i have curly hair…….bt mine curls are so…. yuck……..plz tell me what should i do to make my curls beautiful…………….plz suggest simple ways……..waiting for your reply……..

  3. i have curly hair …but mine curls are so yuck…plz tell me what should i do to make my curls beautiful….. please suggest simple ways…naturaly…but i dont want to use any electric machine on my hair…i want somthing natural….. waiting for reply

  4. Great article. Love the gentle tone taken here. I have wavy, curly, frizzy hair. I would even suggest not using a shampoo at all. But instead using a ‘conditioning cleaser’ on your hair twice a week. I’ve been doing this for 16 months now and it’s sooo much kinder to your hair.

  5. Sorry – should have said ‘conditioning cleanser’. Try to look for products with botanicals in them. No parafins, silicons, waxes, or alcohol. Makes your hair even drier in the long run.

  6. I use gel with simple rollers…but the effect is not so good…they dont stay for even 2 hours.
    please name some products to be used with rollers.

  7. Hii I have curly hairs.. n they r a mess.. sometyms they look good.. but usually they r so dry n fizzy.. which shampoo should I use.. n I tried ur methods!! They r very effective but still my hairs a mess! It feels lyk m cursed to have dese hairs..

  8. hiiii zeeba,
    nice article
    i want curl my hair. I have plastic rollers. Bt i don’t know how use it & which hair spray use for it? Tell me any hair spray or serum?

  9. Plz suggest the name of products to be used before n after curling hair best suited in Indian weather.

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