Tom Ford Eyeshadow (11) Brush Review, Photos

Tom Ford Eyeshadow (11) Brush Review, Photos

tom ford eyeshadow brush 11

Claims : The Tom Ford eyeshadow brush features natural hair bristles designed to give you a soft, allover eyeshadow effect. It picks up color with ease and glides it effortlessly onto your skin for beautiful makeup application every time.

Price : $55 / Rs 3,300 approx

My Experience with Tom Ford Eyeshadow Brush (11)

This is a beautiful gold and brown flat eyeshadow brush. It somehow reminds me of MAC 217 Brush but that is fluffier and rounder than this. This brush is a mix of flat applicator brush and a fluffy brush that would help blend and diffuse the color. The bristles are suuuper soft. It picks up the color effectively. And the rounded tapered end helps blending out the edges as well. I find using this brush a lot on daily basis. I like to apply a wash of color all over the lids before applying my eyeliner.  So, I use the flatter side to pat the color and the same brush blends out the color as well.

The white goat hair bristles look pretty and are very soft. The bristles move beautifully on the skin without any resistance. I have washed it a couple of times and the brush has retained its shape. There has been no shedding of bristles as well. Also, the bristles are as soft as when they were brand new. I also use this brush to add highlighter to my node and cupid area. Sometimes I also use it to press powder on my under eye concealer as well.

A very versatile gorgeous looking brush. Absolutely love it. But it is not a must have. MAC 217 is pretty much everything that this brush is. But if you get it, you would not regret buying it. 🙂

Tom Ford Products are not available in India at the moment.

Rating : 4.5/5

tom ford eyeshadow brush 11 review

tom ford eyeshadow brush 11 price

tom ford eyeshadow brush 11 photos

tom ford eyeshadow brush 11 photos, review

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