Top 10 Healthy Foods That Suppress Appetite

I must admit I hate myself when I stuff my mouth with biscuits just to feel full.Sometimes you have such an appetite that you only end up stuffing yourself with unhealthy things.This post will help you pick up healthy food stuff so you do not have cravings and eat foods that will suppress your appetite so you don’t end up eating too much wrong.Eat them throughout the day so you feel fuller for longer.


Green Tea

The phytonutrient in green tea helps in raising the level of the hormones that create a feeling of full tummy so you do not reach out for that cookie at odd times.Green tea also stabilizes sugar level which means you can manage hunger pangs. Not to forget the anti-oxidant and the weight management benefits.


Nuts have loads of good cholesterol and good fat and  are fiber rich that  keeps you feeling full for long. This fiber digests slowly and keeps tummy full. Almonds and walnuts should be your first choice.



Oatmeal have insoluble fibers that will again take long to digest and also act as a cleanser for the intestines. Oatmeal is known to heighten your body’s levels of the appetite-regulating hormone that means better hunger management for you!


Apples are a great source of fiber to keep you feeling full. The pectin in apples also controls blood sugar from rising.

Mint tea:

I have been hearing so much good about mint. Saunf that we know and eat so often, can also be incorporated in diet in the form of mint tea.The smell refreshes and calms you and helps control cravings.



These days you get them so easily, in powder form too.I always add them in powder form in my roti dough. FLax seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids which suppress appetite and also increase levels of the appetite-suppressing hormones.


Packed with protein, eggs can help you control hunger up to 2 days almost.


Remember the number one weight loss formula, half two glasses of water pre-meal. This will be hydrating and filling too becuase often dehydration can be confused with hunger pangs.


This water-rich veggie should make a big part of your meal.Do not forget to eat your salad consisting of cucumber as this fiber-rich food will keep you fuller for longer.


Though not the best choice when trying to loose weight, avocados can curb appetite as they are rich in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and fiber.These take long to digest and the stomach in turn feels full. For people trying to manage weight, limit it to only half an avocado a day.

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  1. My god 😀 I really needed this post 😛 I am a total foodie and keep stuffing myself with junk when I am hungry at odd times *secret* so this will really help 😛 bookmarked it! *thankyou* Neha

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