Top 10 Winter Beauty Tips You cannot Afford to Miss

Hello beauties,

The winter season has just arrived and it brings dry skin, flaky lips, rough legs and many other problems with it. So today, I am here to share some important beauty habits that you need to know in order to make yourself glow this winter.


Moisturization is the key


We all know that moisturization is the key to making our skin survive in winters, but I don’t really rely on those expensive moisturisers. My go-to hack for this is to use coconut oil in the shower. It keeps my skin soft, supple and moisturised. I usually stay indoors but I do not like the fragrance of coconut oil when I have to go out. So in such a case, I opt for baby oil. These days you can even get oils with essentials oils for better scent and skin benefits. Also, Vaseline has retired now for me. Hence, I prefer to use new lip balms. One product I still rely on is Boroline at night to keep my skin healthy and rosy.

Always keep a lip balm and hand cream handy


I have faced this embarrassment many times during winters. I often forget my hand cream and lip balm when I head out and this leads to super dry skin and lips. So do not ever forget these two products at home. You can easily carry these products around since they come in compact packaging.

Upgrade your beauty products


You need to upgrade and change your beauty products with season. I love matte lipsticks but they often lead to dry, chapped lips which we all hate. Hence, you for something creamy and glossy. I have oily skin and I use this skin care trick during winters; I apply honey every morning when I wake up and wash it after some time. I also quit face washes during winters and use this remedy.
Your shampoos also need to be more moisturising and you must oil your hair during winters.

Ditch your drugstore makeup remover

These makeup removers have a lot of those things that wipe off your moisturization as well while removing your makeup. So I always shift to creamy removers in winters to get rid of my makeup at night. You can also use various oils to remove your makeup.

Avoid too much waxing and shaving

I am not saying to completely quit waxing for these 3 to 4 months, but just don’t get it done every now and then. Remember, hairy skin is much better than scaly skin. What do you think? Shaving also rips all the moisture, leading to super rough and dry skin.

Don’t forget sunscreens and hair serums

We need to slather on sunscreen in winters as well. The winter sun affects our skin more. Hair serums are equally important but look out for those without sulphates. Also, make sure to moisturise your whole body again before going to bed at night so that you can wake up with moisturised and hydrated skin.

Olive oil and raw milk are your best friends


Winters can bring your skin’s natural fairness back. If you find yourself free and sitting at home for a DIY, start rubbing your cheekbones and body with olive oil. This will actually bring the health and glow of your skin back.

Stay away from hairstyling products

These hairstyling products contain a lot of alcohol and chemicals which completely dry out our hair, making it look super dry and frizzy. Also using too much hair dryer or straighter in winters is not going to help in the long run.

Try cuticle oil and cracked cream

In winters, a cracked cream and cuticle oil are two must-haves but a lot of us ignore them. Give them a try and see how they heal your skin like magic.

Keep your diet in check


There should be no deficiency of Vitamin C in your body during winters; otherwise no matter how hard you try to stay away from flakiness, it won’t leave you. In winters, we also avoid drinking too much of liquid and water, but this dries out our skin more. So do not forget to focus on your diet as well.

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