Top 5 Must-Have Beige Stuff in Your Wardrobe

Top 5 Must-Have Beige Stuff in Your Wardrobe

Top 5 Must Have Beige Stuff in Your Wardrobe

More often than not, we all jump to pick a black-coloured cloth or accessory whenever we have to pick something common which would match with most of our outfits.  Let me break this presumption today and tell you that beige-colored stuff will be an equally good choice like black. Beige may be described as a pale cream color, an off-tan color, or an extremely pale yellowish brown color. I think that every women must have at least 3-4 of the below beige colored cloth/accessory in her wardrobe. By carefully mixing and matching beige stuff to your outfit, you can make a remarkable change to the way you look each day.


Beige Jacket

A nice and well-tailored beige jacket can add a good amount of grace to a simple dress. In summers, they can make you look stylish when worn with a light-colored T-shirt or shirt; while in winters, it can add warmth and beauty when paired with dark-colored cardigans.



Beige footwear in any form –shoes, pumps, wedges etc can add glamour and style to your entire outfit. Besides that, when in doubt, you can simply pull out your beige footwear to match with any outfit in any colour or form. They look classy with Indian and stylish with western outfits.


Louis Vuitton Bag

Beige-colored bags have been evergreen in fashion. Every lady must have at least one of it in her wardrobe.


Beige Skirt

Formal or casual, a beige-colored skirt has always enhanced the look of the day. It can be easily matched with any coloured shirt or a top to create a dignified attire.


Have you been confused about which colored undergarment to wear beneath a white or a light colored dress. The next time such a situation pops up, blindly pick up a beige or a nude-colored undergarment and forget about all worries. Besides that the beige coloured lingerie looks sexy too 😛

I have all the above in my wardrobe and have known its importance, please add to the list if you find that I missed out on anything 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Top 5 Must-Have Beige Stuff in Your Wardrobe

  1. I totally agree with the points. Especailly n*de\beige coloured lingerie… Its so important and yet there are so many women out there who dont get its importance .

  2. Ahhh..the jacket !! * dreams *
    One example for the shoes point- Duchess Kate Middleton (yes..the better half of the new royal couple!) has been known to wear her n*de pumps on many occasions. The press (which tracks her style in excruciating detail!) actually calls them ‘her favorite n*de pumps’ 🙂
    It truly goes with any kind of outfit and gives a very classy feel.

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