30 Trendy and Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

The wedding season is on!  From Indian Bridal Week to Indian Jewellery Week, everyone’s talking about wedding and marriages this season.  The bridal grooming session begins months before the D-day and with multiple rounds of trials, the bride selects her dresses, makeup, and hairstyle.  It is important that the would-be bride opt for hairstyles that would enhance her features and make her the center of all attention.  I have seen many brides whose looks got completely ruined because of their not-so-good hairstyle, therefore it is important that you pick the hairstyle that would suit you the best, days before the wedding.  Also, its important that your hair is in good condition for the D-day, intake food rich in protein, eat healthy, go for regular oil massages and hair spa, and if you are experimenting with a new haircut, do it at least a month before or wait until your wedding is over.  Also, as far as it is possible, don’t experiment with new hair care products because there is a risk of hair fall.  Experimenting with hair color is a big no-no.  Here’s a post you can check out that will help you in choosing a hairstyle according to the shape of your face.  You obviously would not want to sulk all the days leading up to the wedding about a bad haircut.  Here’s a DIY hair spa that I digged out from IMBB for you.  Somreeta details out easy hair care tips for brides-to-be here.  Hair accessories and statement hair jewellery jazzes up even the simplest of hairstyles, go for it!

I have collected 30 of the most trendy bridal hairstyles that you can opt for – not restricted to Indian style wedding – since our brides today are willing to experiment – its not appropriate to restrict hairstyles to puffy high buns only for Indian brides.

Let’s check out some hairstyles:


Bridal hairstyle 2

Bridal Hairstyle 3

Bridal Hairstyle 4

Bridal Hairstyle 5


Bridal Hairstyle 7

Bridal Hairstyles 8

Bridal Hairstyle 9

Bridal Hairstyle 10

Bridal Hairstyle 11

Bridal Hairstyles 12

Bridal Hairstyles 13

Bridal Hairstyle 14

Bridal Hairstyle 15

Bridal Hairstyle 16

Bridal Hairstyle 17

Bridal Hairstyle 18

Bridal Hairstyle 19

Bridal Hairstyle 20

Bridal Hairstyle 21

Bridal Hairstyle 22

Bridal Hairstyle 23

Bridal Hairstyle 24

Bridal Hairstyle 25

Bridal Hairstyle 26

Bridal Hairstyle 27

Bridal Hairstyle 28

Bridal Hairstyle 29

Bridal Hairstyle 30


12 thoughts on “30 Trendy and Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

  1. Jomol(Di) awesome post 🙂 …..but how to try all this ispe bhi pl write a post….n can I try anyone of these on my Maggi hair ? *scared*

  2. Jomol
    Kash you would hv done this post on last saturday…
    I wouldnt have ended with bad hair dayon my engagement.
    I bought super chic lengha for d day but hair ruined my look.
    Parlor wala did soft curls wid no lift at crown..
    in a while all opened up n becm messy.. i hate myself for dt…
    Bdw awesome post. Will keep handy for sangeet n other functions *puchhi*

  3. You seriously did a great job *jai ho* *jai ho* all the hair styles are sooo beautiful *woot* *woot* i wanna grow my hair a little more longer for all the hairstyles to fit on *pigtail* *pigtail* the curls look sooo beautiful and give a nice doll and romantic look *happy dance* would love to try these *happy dance*

  4. awesome didi…. *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *hifive* .i love the bella swan look in breaking dawn movie….a lotttttttttttttt *happy dance* *happydance* *haan ji*

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