10 Tricks to Apply Mascara Perfectly When in a Hurry

We all would agree unanimously to the fact that with this hectic lifestyle, we are left with hardly any time for personal grooming. We are in a never-ending, incessant rat race that has engulfed all our time and we are in constant pressure to find some time to throw back our legs and get some shut eye. Amidst this mounting pressure and career obligations, it is near impossible to give time to put on our makeup properly, especially those aspects of our makeup that demands precision and the application of mascara is one such makeup endeavour. So, today, we shall list out 10 tricks to apply mascara perfectly when in a hurry:

Mascara Application

1. Curl your eyelashes: This is one of the prerequisites before you actually go on and pick the mascara wand. Do not forget to curl your eyelashes because it not only makes your eyes look better but it also hastens the process of applying mascara in the first place.

2. Rotate your brush: This is a neat trick that you may try if you want to sport the “long eyelashes” look. It is pretty basic and straightforward. All you need to do is rotate the mascara brush from root to tip when you apply the same.

3. Use an eye primer: This is a common enough occurrence where we have seen our mascara getting smudged while we are in a haste. It is best to apply a primer before putting on the mascara. Use an eyelid primer underneath your makeup if you do not want to ruin your look and run the risk of it getting smudged.

4. Remove excess mascara: This might sound as an unnecessary and time-consuming step to those of us who are in a rush, but it is truly worth our while if we actually remember to remove our mascara before stepping out of the house so as to avoid the messy situation of clumping which totally ruins the look.

5. The comb over: This is a very important step when you are applying mascara. Just remember to comb your eyelashes till it dries out and then when you brush them through it solves the issue of your eyelashes collecting those messy-looking clumps.

6. Curl again if you deem it fit: You heard me right! If you feel like it, you should wait for your eyelashes to dry out and then you may curl it once again using a proper curler. Although this is optional, it comes highly recommended.

7. Try a toothbrush to de-clump lashes: This step might sound a bit unorthodox but it comes highly recommended to help you fight the unwanted “spider eyes” fiasco and having to start all over again.

8. Toast your mascara: It is a common enough experience for most of us that sometimes our mascara gets a bit clumpy, but the best remedy around the issue is to use a slight bit of heat to thin the formula. So, toasting the mascara is a great idea.

9. Use smaller shadow brush: It is recommended that you dust your lashes with baby powder using a small brush for better effect. This makes it easier for your mascara to cling to your eyelashes thereby giving the appearance of the eyelashes look even thicker in the process.

10. The spoon trick: This one is done to avoid the chances of over spillage of mascara on your eyelids when you are in a hurry and this will help you to catch the excess mascara on the spoon. If this is not a time-savior, then else is??

Well dear readers, tell us what you think of today’s piece in the comments section below. So, hope this helps you ace your mascara application each time even when you are in a hurry.


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