Trisha’s Red Handbag: Show and Ask

Trisha’s Red Handbag: Show and Ask

Aarthi shows and asks:

This is Aarthi here again 🙂 It’s a pleasure to ask and get replies from all you lovely ladies here on IMBB 🙂

Which brand’s red hand bag is Trisha sporting here? I’ve been going crazy about the bag, but could not spot one.  Wish you all could put in your suggestions 🙂


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15 thoughts on “Trisha’s Red Handbag: Show and Ask

    1. Pataaa nahi..the handles look very different and size also smaller..have seen similar ones by Micahel Kors and Prada… 😛 donno…These days I am so much digging into bags…its a regular time pass for me..when baby sleeps… 😛

      1. hihihih it’s 98% prada only cali. What better time pass. Btw I dint know who she was . Asked jomo. and yes she has the same red LV that I have. I see saw. 😀

        1. Hehee Rati di this is a south indian actress who before 10 years gave interviews saying she ll not get into film industry and now enjoys complete stardom 😀 however she s a talented actress here whu did the tamil version of Ek deewana tha 🙂 Btw, prada luks a bit maroonish red whereas this one she’s holding is that solid red !

  1. guys i cannot see the prada symbol in her bag and also there is some difference in the detailing where the handle ends… From the quality i dont think its prada, might be some vintage bag. lol …:)

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