9 Ways To Use Your Old Sarees

Sari has been one outfit that Indian women have been wearing since decades graciously and elegantly. For weddings, events, parties, or even for casual wear – saree is one outfit which is apt to be worn for any occasion. Even western women having started to take a liking towards saree and other Indian outfits. Coming to the present generation, not everyone feels wearing a saree is their thing; however, place great value and sentimental attachment to the sarees that have been passed down generations and to the ones that have been gifted to them by their loved ones. Instead of keeping them tucked away into wardrobe, make use of those sarees in ways that would put them to good use, IMBB is here to help you out. This post is for all those frugal ladies out there who want to use their old clothes to good use. Scroll down to check out some amazing ways in which you can use your old sarees. Here are some ways to use your old sarees.

1. One of the most common ways that many of the women have might have already done is to use it as a dupatta. We all have those plain kurtis or plain suit set on which you can contrast with a dupatta. Get hold of a good tailor, give him the measurements of the dupatta and get one ready. Mostly the silk and baandhini saris can be converted into a beautiful dupatta and would surely fetch you a lot of compliments. For contrast along with a green dress, you can make a red dupatta. Along with a plain white dress, you can pair a beautiful rani pink dupatta or a royal blue one and so on according to your own wish. Also since you would be mix-matching all the dupatta and the kurta you can wear the same dupatta along with many other kurtas as per your own wish.

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2. Another way is to use your own saree and convert it into a different outfit or to make a gown out of it. Our moms and grandmoms have some beautiful saris that we do not wish to throw away but then we wouldn’t wear them either. You can make it into a beautiful gown which looks modern with a touch of tradition as well. You can always browse on the Internet for some beautiful gown designs with a traditional touch that will totally change the look of the sari and will bring you a new outfit.

Ways To Use Your Old Sarees

3. One of the reasons why women want to throw away old sarees is because it might have got torn from a particular place or must have got stained badly, with no hopes recover them even with dry cleaning. In such cases, you can ask your tailor to create a patchwork of your sari on a new dress so that the designer patches from old saris can be mixed and matched with a new outfit. The sari can be cut into various pieces like squares, triangles and many more such designs, sleeves can be made of the sari, borders can be created and much more. Take your saree to the tailor and he/she would be able to suggest you hundreds of designs.

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4. Crop tops and lehengas are trending nowadays and you can either make a crop top or a flowy lehenga with a saree. If you have a full sari and the tailor agrees, you can also make a decent co-ordinate set of a crop top and lehenga which you can wear for any function at your place.

5. Old sarees can be converted into beautiful clutches and batwas as well. You can also look up DIY videos on youtube on how to create pretty wallets or batwas with cloth. These wallets, clutches, and batwas can also gifted to your near and dear ones.

6. Chiffon sarees will never go out of fashion and there is nothing elegant than chiffon! If you have chiffon sarees stacked up in your mom’s closet, make beautiful blouses with beads and sequins sewn in. If it is your mother’s sari, you both can make a beautiful blouse out of it and use the common saree between both of you and it will create a completely new outfit. Add some beautiful gold and silver borders, some decorative butties to it and it will totally add a lot of glam to your outfit.

7. A lot of celebs are promoting Indo fusion trend, wearing traditional jackets over plain top or kurti. This jacket can be used over any type of kurti. You can keep either full sleeves or go completely sleeveless. Get a good tailor, make a new jacket, making use of brocade and prints on your saree.

8. Nowadays, twinning is trending! Mother and daughter, sisters, and even bff’s make fashion statement in similar outfits. Such twinning outfits make for great pictures and photo-ops. You can pick up old sari and get a nice anarkali or a gown stitched for yourself and your daughter and you both can rock it for your friend’s sangeet, wedding or party.

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9. Sarees can used be for DIYs in a lot of ways, most remarkably in home decor. They can be used to make beautiful doormats or as dining table or your sofa coverings. Also, these days, women love to use Rajasthani bedsheets and along with the bedsheets, you can make pretty pillow covers out of your old saris which does not have any embroidery or work so that they make a beautiful combo.

Here are some gorgeous and innovative ways in which you can use your old sari. If you have any more ideas in your mind in which you can use the old sari, then do mention it in the comments section below so that it will help all of the ladies out there.



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