Vaseline Lip Care Review

Vaseline Lip CareProduct– Vaseline Lip Care

Price – Rs 20

What does it say: Vaseline Intensive Lip Care for Soft Pink Lips

I  was  generally giving a thought over my Vaseline lip care yesterday.

For some reason I was wondering that even after applying Vaseline Lip Care at least 20 times in a day, it is just not repairing my lips. I keep reapplying but nothing was happening on my lips except my lips felt better for next 10-12 minutes. I decided to read the ingredients on the cte Vaseline tube.

Holy Cow!

There are absolutely no ingredients listed. What the heck was I thinking while buying it?

May be the only thought while buying was, ” Lip balm for Rs 20 and Vaseline Rocks.” lolllll!

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: 2

I desperately need a new lip balm. Any suggestions ladies? I am eyeing the Nivea Cherry Kiss Lip Balm but not sure! What do you say? I so much want my lip balm in these cute slider tin tubs. Any suggestions for brands that offers lip balms like this?

cute container lip balm

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24 thoughts on “Vaseline Lip Care Review

  1. A foriegn brand offers lip balm in sliders that you have pictured.. Have forgotten it’s name.. Nivea in Cherry is a nice lipbalm.. But it smells a lil like cloying candy.

  2. hehe .. evn I was eyeing he same tin .. buh its only available online , particularly ELF makes it .
    waise yu can try big bazar which sells limited ELF collection ..n who knows ?
    U can get lucky 🙂

    I will personally advice you nivea lip balm in strawberry .. it tastes good , smells divine and imparts a b’ful rosy color to yer lips .. I use it ALL the time !!

    NLB in cherry is also good .. buh I find the scent too medicinal .. every time I apply it .. it seems em opening cough syrup .. Yikes !!

    n if yu like strong tinted version , then try maybelline lip smoothie in raspberry .. yum !!

  3. Actually I don’t like tasty lip balms. 😛 But I guess may be I have to settle with one of the tastes only. lol!! I guess I would really have to hunt for a good lip blam this time and I’d better keep my eyes open before buying it. I liked Lotus’ lip balms but I didn’t like the quality of their last lip balm.

    Thanks for the review sweez. 🙂

  4. hey, i love that vaseline in particular 🙂 try sliding thing from Bourjois, but warning you, they are very dry. Use a balm along. I have one from Bourjois, u can find the review in my blog…

    if thats not useful, lemme know. I wil try to tell u more 🙂

  5. Hey Divija,

    Yes i like the petroleum Jelly but not this one. I bought Nivea’s lip blam today and I must say it is great so far. WIll try to find Bourjois when I am able to go to the market. 🙂


  6. try nivea lip care “hydrocare” (its the plain, unflavoured one. it comes in a baby blue case). it has no taste and no smell and is probably meant for you. retails for 130 bucks but totally worth it as it will last for a realllly long time. the best part about it is that it does not cake all over the lips if you press it too hard. a winner during summers when all other chapsticks become a mess. check out this link to have an idea what it looks like –

    i have been a loyal user and vouch for it a 100%

  7. Hi Rima,

    I have been using The starshine strawberry one. ALthough I like the feel and texture of the product but I am not too satisfied with the quality. I mean it doesn’t keep my lips hydrated for long. ALthough since the falvour is awesome, I don’t mind reaching for it every now and then. 🙂

    1. Hey Rati,

      Wanna know from you that how about Vaseline Lip Therapy Stick? Not sure how it is. But I wanna purchase that. Please give me any advise! ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:)
      Actually I am really confused and at the same time I want to buy that

  8. guess what? today i got avon naturals strawberry lipbalm (at a much cheaper rate of 45 bucks in comparison to the nivea ones that sell for around 130). it came in a stick and i dont know whether it comes in a jar version as well. i had tried it out a couple of weeks ago at a friend’s place and fell in love with it instantly! it has a light sweet taste and gives a nice fuchsia tinge to the lips. it also releases a mild fragrance in the air as soon as the cap is opened.

    whats great is that its easily available in shops even though its an avon product. but for someone like you, who doesnt like lip balms to have a taste, it might not be a worthwhile buy. but i feel at such a cheap rate, its definitely worth a try!

    i think i forgot to mention lotus lipbalms. they come in sticks as well as jars. i got the strawberry jar one as part of my birthday gift from my friend and finished it in a matter of weeks! this one doesnt leave a taste so you must definitely try them out. the jar retails for around 85 bucks (as far as i can remember)

    i definitely want to try balms from the body shop, natures company and forest essentials.

    by the way, i got the nivea strawberry lip balm and have fallen in love with it too! gosh i think i am getting a little obsessed with this now!

    p.s. – my friend’s gonna gift me an estee lauder lipstick tomorrow. a much delayed birthday gift! i think i will include it in my review as well. 🙂

  9. Oh wow!! Estee Lauder stuff is a great B day gift. I am so looking forward for a review. 🙂

    I have used lotus lip balms during my college days, they have started coming in stick forms now. I am kinds bored of them now so I don’t buy them.

    I have never used any avon stuff because they are not available at shops. Will take a look at the lip balms. I have always loved their packaging but never got to try them myself.

    Nivea strawberry is a tempting delight. I was obsessed with it myself. 😛 Unfortunately I lost it. 🙁

    I checked for the able nivea lip balm that you suggested but the store I visited was out of stock of it. I got so pissed about not able to find a decent lip balm that I ended up buying the Himalaya lip blam (Rs 20) . To my surprise, it not only mended my lips but also softened them up. In fact, I don’t have to reach for lip blam for hours at a stretch during these wintery days as well.

    Yes body shop’s and forest essentials lip balms should be worth a try. 🙂

  10. Hey if u want to try lip balms in slider packs please do try the revayur fruity lip balms. They come in cute slider packs priced at an affordable Rs.55 for a decent 7gms and are otally worth it. These babies are really moisturisng, glossy and have a very light texture not waxy at all. Not forgetting the gorgeous smell..i definitely think u should give it a try. You can easily find them at Big Bazar outlets. Do lemme know how u found them 🙂

  11. Hey Rati, I just saw a new lip balm by Eva in the market. it’s just like the slider you’ve shown.
    It’s available in the following flavours:
    Plum (glitter)
    Black currant (glitter)

    The glitter ones are for 75 rupees and the rest for 60.
    Hope you find this useful.
    I stay in Mumbai and i saw these at Hypercity Malad.

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