Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy Review

Vaseline Lip Therapy – Cocoa Butter

Details Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter is enriched with caring cocoa and shea butter, will give your lips the nourishment they need to feel and look soft and smooth.

vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy

Cocoa And Shea Butter – Softening and nourishing properties.
Pro-vitamin E – Protects against free radicals.
Petroleum Jelly – Keeps moisture locked in.

Qty 4gm

Website information: Keeps your lip looking healthy and protected. Enriched with cocoa butter gives the lips the nourishment they need.
The stick contains: Cocoa and sheer butter-excellent emollients, helps to prevent skin and dryness and keeps lips soft and moisturised with pro-vitmain E.

Vaseline is a very trusted brand and this is the part of their newly launched range in India.

vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy ingredients

About the lip balm : It is avery thick textured lip balm.It needs quite a bit of rubbing in to go into your lips.Not glossy at all.Very chapstick like .It smells great – like cocoa .I have used the body lotion from this range and was a fan of the smell then too.

Coming to the packaging It is the regular vaseline tube in a shade of brown – very symblic of cocoa.It has twist bottom and is very handy.

vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy review

It does keep your lips moisturised for a while but does leave a whitish cast,this is the worry with this little lovely.Moisture comes with a whitish cast, which is unacceptable.

While browsing through their website, I found out that the same varient is available in the tin form and in the tube form.The tin form, I think, has not been launched in India .Atleast, I havent seen it.The tin variant would be so hygienic especially in this summer heat.

vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy swatch

Pros of  Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter:

  •  My lips are in the very dry category,it gives me 3 hours of moisture.Normally this would be enough moisture for summer not winters.
  •  The packaging is cute and hygienic.
  •  For the price of Rs 100 , it is decently priced.
  •  The smell is divine – cocoa.
  •  Available everywhere.I just picked it up from a nowhere cosmetic store.he he
  •  Vaseline is a trusted brand
  • Would work for sensitive and lips with any sort of allergy as well.

Cons of Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter:

  •  It contains parabens.
  •  Vaseline is found to be testing on animals.which i really did not like.

Overall i give it a rating of 3 on 5 and would not buy again and look for alternatives.i will not support any brand that tests on animals.

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Vaseline Lip Therapy Review


15 thoughts on “Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy Review

  1. nice product but :(..
    i get really tempted by brands like l’oreal,maybelline etc.
    but after watching those peta videos,i have decided to go cruelty free. don’t wanna contribute by any means.

  2. What? A brand like this tests on animals? I had no idea! Whitish cast is a definite no-no for me…thanks for the review 🙂

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