Vega Professional Contour Brush Review

Vega Contour Brush Black

Contouring is becoming a trend nowadays and today I am reviewing a contour brush from Vega which I bought recently. In contouring we basically shade that part of the face that we want to push back and look thinner; it gives nice shape to face and enhances facial features. I used to think that contouring is very tricky and only professional can achieve Kim K type look but I was wrong. Contouring face is not at all difficult, you just need a contouring shade which is 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone and just apply it to the desired place. It’s like you’re applying your daily blush. Since I am learning the art of contouring I was looking for a good contour brush and when I searched online I found this and ordered. Let’s move to the review now.
Vega Professional Contour Brush

Price: Rs. 600

Product Description:

The vega contour brush will give the perfect air brush finish with every make-up application. It is angled in such a way that you will be able to shade or contour your face the way professional make-up artists do and achieve the same sculptured look.

My Experience with Vega Contour Brush Black:

Packaging: Vega Contour brush comes in a plastic covering packaging which is not reusable so you have to keep the brush in safe place to prevent it from dust. I wish it came in a sturdy guard case considering the price tag. I usually store it in my brush pouch which I recently purchased. Since it doesn’t come with any pouch the packaging is not travel friendly.


Bristles: The bristles are soft, smooth and they don’t feel harsh on skin thus it’s comfortable to work with it. I don’t know what are the bristles made of as nothing is mentioned on the pack and I also searched on the website but no information is provided about the bristles. The bristles are designed in angled shape so that color can be applied easily. The brush is shaped in such a way that it reached the cheekbones perfectly and helps in shaping facial features perfectly.


Bristle quality: I have washed the brush numerous times and the bristles do not bleed nor did they shed. I was expecting a little bit shedding since I have used Vega brushes before and they used to shed. But this one is exceptional and it did not shed even a single bristle which is amazing. It dint loose it shape even after washing multiple times. It’s easy to wash and take moderate time to dry up.

Usage: I use it to apply contour powder under my cheekbones and it picks up right amount of product reducing product wastage. The brush blends the color completely and gives a natural look to face. I also use it on sides of my nose and it works really well. The bristles are angles and that is why one can also use it to apply blush and even bronzer as it fits perfectly under cheekbones and the brush is a little fluffy too. Overall, it’s a multi-purpose brush and I love using it a lot nowadays.


Pros of Vega Professional Contour Brush

• Angled tip helps in contouring cheekbone perfectly
• Bristles are soft and smooth
• Bristles are densely packaged
• Picks up right amount of color
• Applies evenly
• Blends the shade wonderfully
• Doens;t leave any harsh lines
• Can be used to apply blush or bronzer
• Size is perfect for precise application
• Doesn’t bleed or shed when washed
• Easy to wash and takes moderate time to dry up
• Didn’t loose shape after washing


Cons of Vega Professional Contour Brush

• Price can be a con for some

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Recommend Vega Contour Brush ?

In terms of quality and performance I think the brush is just perfect. I have  using it for  5-6 months and I just love it to the core. Since I have not used any other contour brush, I cannot compare it with other brands. I would recommend it to all those who are new with contouring as they will find this brush helpful and easier to work with. I absolutely love it.

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