Colorbar Chic Cheeks Contouring Brush Review

Colorbar Chic Cheeks Contouring Brush


Rs. 475

Sculpt and spellbind with this angled brush that blends color in simple sweeps for gorgeous contours and cheekbones. The precise, ultra-soft natural bristles easily hugs the contours of the face to shape, build color and highlight effortlessly.
Colorbar Chic  Cheeks  Contouring Brush

The angled brush head conforms naturally to the hollows of the cheeks for perfect contouring and shading.
Picks up more product than a normal blush brush adding an extra pop of color for a truly sculpted appeal.
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Today let me share with you my recent purchase, this contouring brush from Colorbar, a loud pink sure it is and I think it has nothing to do with functionality but it sure catches attention, and most of us think of a pink brush and colorbar together.I love the white body with colorbar in black on it.

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I was looking into my big brushes, I realized I have brushes for powder, blush, foundation, stippling brush and the like and even a small contour brush which is not slanted but works fine, I realized I need a contour brush, which is slanted, in fact I have a slanted contour brush from Ambika pillai but after washing it has gone so bad that I do not feel like using it, I needed another contour brush.

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I picked it up from Health and glow, and they has just a couple of pieces, I liked how it is packed in a zip lock kind of a pouch and you can use it to store the brush again once you wash and dry it well, it will keep is safe from dust and also you can use the same pouch to carry the brush in your bag, you dont need to throw the pack, you can use it like a brush guard.

Colorbar Chic Cheeks Contouring Brush (7)

Coming to the brush color, honestly it is too much for me, I dont know why have they chosen such a bright pink , ok they do make a statement but I dont think I have been able to like it.The brush itself, I am not so fond of, once I opened it, I saw the bristles are really frayed, like all over the place and scattered types, and it really upset me, well I was half expecting it, but still I like my brush to tightly packed bristled ones, not like this which might make the product application messy and all over the place, since the hair on the brush are all haywire.

The softness is nothing to talk about, it is somewhere between average to below average, niether soft nor scratchy, but initially it looks like it will be soft, I will not say it scratches my face but still is no where close to a very soft brush either,I have some brushes from BH cosmetics and sigma that are super soft and hence I know how good this one could be, on the other hand some oriflame brushes have gotten worse after washing they are real time scratchy, so I know colorbar is somewhere in between.

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After washing, my brushes tend to get rough, this one did not shed a single hair thankfully, no color came off the pink bristles too and the bristles felt the same in texture, niether soft not rough, mediocre and a little below it.

The worst part about the brush is that the bristles are all frayed, not tightly packed and when you wash they get really wild and all over the place, that is my major concern, I am still ready to use the brush but my contour powder will be all over my cheeks instead of being in the right place, hence I am a little upset.

I tried it for using the contour powder from Lakme and others I have, it works fine till you wash it and the bristles get even more scattered, the slant is also not well defined, for the purose of contour, I need the hair of the brush tightly packed. This I feel will do a better job at blending the contour and jawline shade then really getting into the hollow and some precise application, I dont expect precise application with it. But If you dont really care about it, and are willing to make do with average softness, then try this in case you really need a contour brush.

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My search for my ideal contour brush continues, I am so in love with the Lakme face brush which comes in a retractable case and still the softness is same as it was, I am glad I spent 900 on that one, but 475 for this. I am not sure how many of us will.

IMBB Rating:

3/5 My 2 and half year old daughter loves how pink it is, when I get another contour brush, I might give it to her 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Colorbar Chic Cheeks Contouring Brush Review

  1. Me too have the same thoughts like your daughter *hifive* *hihi* sooo pink and girly *pompom* i broke my contouring brush and i think i am going to try this.. no no i am buying it for sure because of the colour lol *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. OMG neha…same with my kid too…how sweet of them,last week I went to the colorbar store to buy nail polish remover and my daughter was drooling *drool* over the pink brushes…there is hardly any detail that she misses at this age she already is using her barbie makeup kit *hihi* *hihi* …and she made me promise to buy her some of those pink brush when she grows up…huh!! these kids of today..ghor kalyug rofl rofl 😛 *hihi* *hihi*

  3. Me too looking for a good contour brush.thanks for the review… Will give this one a pass. I have one for B&D – which I had picked when I was still in experiment stage. But I think I really need a good quality one now!!! I use MAC 227 for contouring… Don’t know what it’s real purpose was but it works fairly well for this and for applying powder on the under eye area.

  4. Does not look very soft *nababana*
    But I do like the pink… but I feel this pink i might like it for a couple of days only *preen*

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