Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Eau De Parfum Review

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By Subhanshi G.

Hi, everyone!

I have been obsessed with Victoria’s Secret since my college days. I love every product they have in line, be it lingerie, clothing, body care, makeup, or fragrances. Angel Gold is the first thing which I purchased from VS fragrance collection and since then, it has been my favorite. I have always loved wearing fruity and floral scents. This one is the queen of all. Let’s read on to know more about it.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Eau De Parfum Review

Price: $52
Product Description:
Sexy today, sexy tomorrow, sexy forever: our signature award-winning Angel Gold fragrance.
Fragrance type: Fruity floral
Top notes: prickly pear, kumquat, pomelo blossom, red berry sorbet, orange crème, sparkling bergamot.
Heart: jasmine, gardenia, tulip, peony, pink waterlily.
Base: musk, vanilla woods, gold amber crystals, sandalwood, cedar wood.

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Eau De Parfum:

Victoria’s Secret has always been known for its lingerie and beautifully designed fragrance bottles. This one is no less. Ever since its launch, it has been kept same whereas other fragrances went through transformations over time as this one doesn’t need any. It is a transparent bottle with golden shimmer at the bottom and it has beautiful gold wings at the back. Oh, my god! It looks like a diva. The brand name is imprinted on the front of the bottle. Rest, all of the information is printed on the box. Cap is made of high-quality plastic and closes with a click. I wouldn’t say that this is travel-friendly because of the size and design of the bottle. Unless and until you are carrying it in a designated box which requires a lot of space, it is not good to travel with. To ease out our worries, VS came up with 15ml limited-edition rollerballs for their signature fragrances which are super handy to carry around.

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Eau De Parfum front

Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Eau De Parfum Back

There is no doubt about why this is Victoria’s Secret award-winning fragrance of all time. Its floral scent will make you feel so feminine yet playful all day long. It stays for good 5-6 hours when applied over your favorite moisturizer. Whenever I wear this fragrance, I get a lot of compliments. Essentially, the name suggests it should be worn for night parties or similar events but, I wear it even in office and it never disappoints.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Eau De Parfum Top

I would definitely recommend buying this to all perfume lovers.

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Eau De Parfum:

• Beautifully designed bottle
• Lasts long when wore over moisturizer
• Never going off shelves; Award-winning fragrance

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Angel Gold Eau De Parfum:

• Does fade away after a couple of hours, leaving behind a slight fragrance

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