9 Travel-Friendly Makeup Hacks that will Save You Space

By Chanchala Bose

Hi folks,

How do you manage to travel with makeup? Well, when you are travelling, you need to save space. Thus, multi-tasking and hacks become most important. How about having a look at some of the travel-friendly makeup hacks that will help you save loads of space.

Skip the hairstyling tools

These days most hotels offer you complimentary hair styling products and tools. You can easily get hair dryers in your hotel room, hence carrying a heavy dryer is not required.

Wax before you go


You do not have to carry wax or other hair removal tools because anyway you won’t get the time to use all these. So, don’t carry unnecessary tools.

Forget your makeup brushes at home

You can manage to apply makeup with your hands too. So, why burden yourself with the extra weight of brushes? In face, there are many products that give better finish when applied with fingers.

Skip applying nail polish


Rather than maintaining and reapplying your nail polishes, opt for no nail polish or a clear one. Just carry one nail color, if you must. You can even opt for a quick dry top coat so that you do not end up wasting your time.

Sample size

Rather than carrying a full sized product, opt for sample sizes. You can carry the sample size of products, buy travel sizes from the store or carry your favorite products in travel size packaging.

Avoid carrying liquids


Carrying liquids becomes a big concern. Thus, the best option is to carry the alternatives. For example, instead of carrying a makeup remover, go with wet wipes for removing makeup.

Skip bathroom essentials

Most of the hotels these days give you bathroom essentials. So, no need to carry your toiletries as you can use the bathroom stuff without increasing the size of your baggage.

Multi-task with a concealer


Do you know that you can multi-task with a concealer? Rather than carrying a foundation, a highlighter, a contour powder and a concealer separately, carry just a concealer to lighten and brighten your skin tone.

Carry lots of lipsticks and coloured kajals


Instead of carrying blushes and eye shadows for different looks, carry lots of lipsticks and coloured kajals. You can experiment with these and create as many looks as you want.

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