Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist Review

Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist Review

By Kanika Jaitly

Hello ladies!!!

Its Kanika here. How are you all? It has been more than a year since I have written for this lovely site IMBB. The product I am going to review today is Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Body Mist.  It is from their VS fantasies collection.  A few days back, I visited my aunt who is on her visit to India and had a really great time.  There was no limit to my happiness when she gifted me this mist. It was really awesome.  From that day, I am completely in love with this fragrance from VS. So, coming back (sorry I was overwhelmed and got a little carried away), let’s get started with this review.


Product Description:

A sexy, cool fragrance. Dive into Aqua Kiss, a cool splash of rain-kissed freesia and fresh daisy. Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe Vera and calming chamomile. Spray on for a touch of scent.

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist 1

What I Think about Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist:

Coming to the packaging first, it is a sturdy plastic transparent bottle with a golden plastic spritzer with a transparent cap which is tight enough and not loose which is good, so I don’t have to worry about losing the cap when I throw this into my handbag on days when I am wearing this scent. I personally like the packaging even though there is nothing much fancy.  It is of 8.4 fl.oz, that is 250ml, so that’s a lot of quantity.

Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist 2

The first thing that comes to my mind when I smell this is “fresh.” Seriously, it smells so fresh, clean, and crisp.  Its like waking up to a chilly fresh breeze on a spring morning.  Its cool, aquatic, it makes me feel like going for a dip in some ocean with really clean waters.  I know I am going crazy, but seriously, it’s a really nice summer spring fragrance, and highly recommend it.  Its a daytime fragrance and smells same on me as in the bottle, so I am in complete love with this scent here.

VS Fragrance Mist 4

Staying power is good enough for a mist.  The Body Shop mists don’t last this long on me, no matter how much more I spray.  So, this baby here wins all the points over TBS mists for staying power.

VS Fragrance Mist 5

I leave for college at 9, but I spray this mist on at about 8.30 am in the morning, can smell it on me all day long through college.  Even my friends notice and admire the scent.  I can still smell it on my wrists at 5.30 PM in the evening lying on the bed, so this is long staying.

VS Fragrance Mist 8

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist:

  • The fragrance of course, the problem that people generally have with VS scents is that they are too sweet, but that’s not an issue with this one.
  • Staying power is great for a mist.
  • Its a Victoria’s secret scent.
  • The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly.
  • Great quantity for 12 dollars, its even more brilliant when you get it as a gift.  TBS mists of almost same or greater price don’t offer so much quantity at this price.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist:

  • Limited availability in India, where am I going to find this baby in India when this bottle gets over, I don’t want to pay the overpriced rates that online shops offer.

Final Rating:

4.5/5 (-0.5 for non-availability in India).

Would I Recommend Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist?

Yes, of course, to everybody.

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10 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Aqua Kiss Fragrance Mist Review

  1. Welcome back to IMBB Kanika….you have described the scent and the product so nicely. You can get these online of course, but as you said, at bloated prices 🙁

  2. Vs has many varieties on body mists.i feel they are pocket friendly too around 850rs…we get them in…nice review Kanika

  3. i’ve just order one from snapdeal for just 790/- with free shipping *pompom* *pompom* …….craving to get it soon………. *duh* *duh* *duh* *duh*

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