Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Coconut Passion Review

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Coconut Passion

Hello Ladies,

Today I am going to be reviewing for you a body mist I had purchased a VERY long time ago. It is by Victoria’s Secret. I purchased this on a vacation to the US. I was very keen on purchasing something with a coconut fragrance.So read on to find out my verdict on this product.

Product Description– Coconut Passion is a sensual blend of vanilla, coconut and lily-of-the-valley. It belongs to the Secret Garden collection.

Product Price– £ 16.99

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist - Coconut Passion

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Coconut Passion

The packaging of this product, like all other Victoria’s Secret Body Mists or rather products is highly attractive and luxurious. It comes in a clear bottle with gold and yellow accents. The label is golden in colour and it has a stunning yellow background with red/orangeish flowers as well. It has a golden syrup coloured nozzle, which just adds to the luxury factor of the packaging. The mist itself looks yellow/gold in the bottle, however it comes out absolutely transparent, as do most sprays. The packaging is really travel friendly since it is essentially plastic. However, it is relatively on the larger side and might be too big to carry if you are gonna put it in a small hand bag.

Victoria’s Secret BodyMist - Coconut Passion

If you ladies have read my previous posts on fragrance, I have always maintained that the fragrance of any product, makes it or breaks it for me. I am very picky about such things and refrain from making use of any products that does not have a good fragrance to it. This product is one of those that I refrain from using. Why you ask? Well the fragrance claims to be a sensual blend of vanilla and coconut along with lily, however, I could barely smell any coconut in there. It has an extremely sweet smell to it, it is too sweet for comfort in my opinion. Post application, I felt really uncomfortable with the smell and it seemed to only infuriate me and strengthen my head ache. Don’t get me wrong, I love fragrances that are candy like, but they need to not be overpowering and take over every other thing around me and that is exactly what this did. It was a really strong candy like fragrance and did not go down well with me. This is why the bottle is still full, since I just cannot bear the smell of this fragrance. Moreover I tried giving it away to my sister and it lies perfectly untouched in her bedroom. The sole reason being the fragrance in this case too.

Having said that, in my opinion fragrance is a very personal taste and cannot be given a verdict on. Therefore this review is completely based on my personal taste and preference. Some ladies on here might actually like the sweet candy taste! Personally however, I am not pleased with this product at all, the smell was way too much candy for me to handle.

Victoria’s Secret Body Mist - CoconutPassion

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Coconut Passion

– Luxurious packaging with beautiful colours and accents.
– The quality of the packaging is great, extremely sturdy and risk free in terms of breakage.

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Coconut Passion

– The fragrance was too overpowering for my likeness.
– I had a head ache post application.
– Might be slightly too large to carry around in handbags.

Victoria’s SecretBody Mist - Coconut Passion

Will I repurchase this?

I expected this to be very soothing, however after spraying on my body it was anything but soothing. So a definite no from my end.

IMBB rating- 0.5/5.

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2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Body Mist – Coconut Passion Review

  1. I am totally not a coconut person. But this sounds really good for those who love such fragrances. 🙂 Loving body mists these days a lot. I use the ones by TBS. 🙂 good review raashi. loved the last shot! 🙂

  2. I’m usually not a fan of coconut fragrance. But I have this one and totally enjoy its scent! 🙂 Too bad you didn’t like it :*

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