Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 Review

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I am a huge huge fan of Viseart eyeshadows. They are honestly the best eyeshadows I have come across and one really has to use them to know that the hype around them is real. I do own some of their smaller 12-pan palettes but when they released the new Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1, I literally lost my mind – one because can you really have a lot of what of you love and second I had to spend a huge chunk of hard-earned cash on it *insert crying emoji*. But I did eventually cave in, so here it is – a review on this beautiful palette in all its glory. This palette is supposed to be limited edition, but it is still available, so grab it while you can.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume shades

Product Description:
Designed for the needs of the working makeup artist, this new generation of palette combines 30 high-pigment eye shadows for sculpting and defining eyes, brows, and even cheekbones on a wide range of skin tones. The slim palette easily folds into working easel, making Grande Pro Volume 1 an essential tool for the artist who demands more from their makeup.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 ingredients

My Experience with Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1:

Packaging:  The packaging is very sleek and sophisticated. The palette comes in this sturdy, ribbed-textured sleeve (which I honestly just kept it to the side and never use), but actually material of the palette itself is that rubbery feeling material that the brand NARS is well known for. It does attract loose eyeshadow and dust. The flap of the palette does fold all the way back in a way you could keep the palette standing up at an angle, but the most annoying is the plastic flap inside. It does not go all the way back, keeps flapping into place when I am working that I literally have to hold it down with my other hand as I apply shadows. It is sturdy enough to travel with, but I personally do not travel with such big palettes.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 outer packaging

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Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 all shades

Texture: All if not most of Viseart mattes have this super-finely milled smoothness like butter. It does have a slight amount of kick-up when you dip your brush but not like a crazy lot.

Blend-ability and Pigmentation: These shadows are pigmented and show up 100% true to color you see in the pan. They blend effortlessly with a few swishes, I never have to deal with harsh edges and these shadows blend into each other seamlessly. A slightly tap and few strokes of the brush and voila magic on the lids.

Shades: I absolutely love the shade range in this palette. There are 30 shades (24 new and 6 from their other permanent palettes) ranging from the lightest to darkest, basically everything you need from neutrals to pops of colors to smokey eyes shades. These shades are so versatile that I have even used some as setting powder, blush and contour. A quality about Viseart shadows is the fact that these shadows are customizable, basically what I mean is you could mix two colors and make a whole new color like you would do with creams. You would need some basic knowledge of the color wheel for this, but if it that it too complicated, you could use the lighter shades or the darkest shades in the palette applied on top to create like an ombre look.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 row wise shades

Some of the lighter shades do seem repetitive at a glance, but the eye of a true makeup lover like me is able to detect the slightest nuances in undertone, but overall, it a nice mix of both cool tone and warm tone shades.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 pigmentation

Almost all shades have great performance, so I am just going to list out the shades. Some of the lighter shades were semi sheer initially, but it worked out well since I use them as traditional shades but they are also buildable if needed. The darker shades can be used as eyeliners as well. There are no shade names so I am just going to list them out each per row:

Row 1
1. Light beige with a warm finish.
2. Light peachy beige.
3. Light orange brown – a great transition shade.
4. Medium chocolate brown- perfect crease shade.
5. Warm reddish coral.
6. Warm dark brown with a burgundy tone.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 row 1 swatches

Row 2:
1. Light beige, more like a skin tone shade hence great to set the primer with.
2. Light sandy brown- a good transition or crease shade.
3. Soft milk chocolate brown.
4. Dark chocolate brown.
5. Warm mustard brown- looks bland in the pan but it is such a unique and rich shade on the eyes (see EOTD).
6. Dark chocolate brown.

Viseart Grande Pro row 2 swatches

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 row 2 swatches

Row 3:
1. A light pinky beige.
2. A light dusty mauve shade, doesn’t show much much on my skin tone so I use it mostly to diffuse edges of pink eye looks.
3. A deeper mauve shade.
4. A plum purple shade.
5. A vibrant hot pink, personally I gravitate towards this shade a lot. It is so bright and vibrant. I have used this as a crease shade (see EOTD) and also as a blush with a very light hand. It did stain my lid a tad bit.
6. A dark bruised plum shade.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 row 3 swatches

Viseart Grande Pro row 3 swatches

Row 4:
1. A soft light pink.
2. A beautiful light baby pink with a warm tone, easily another of my favorite in this palette, definitely a unique shade in my collection, it is so pretty and girly (see EOTD).
3. A muted lavender purple. This shade was a bit difficult to work with. It was prone to sheering out quite a lot during blending and took me a couple of layers to get it to show
4. A deeper mave plum shade.
5. A bright orchid purple, such pretty shade
6. A dark almost black purple.

Viseart Grande Pro row 4 swatches

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 row 4 swatches

Row 5:
1. A cool-toned white which is also in the “Bright Editorials” palette. This shade will not function on its own and is great to layer with shadows to create an ombre or give it that neonish pop.
2. Light grey- not a shade I am comfortable wearing, also tends to sheer out during blending.
3. A deeper shade of grey – applied opaque hence can be used as a lid color, I have yet to do a look with this shade.
4. A taupe grey- also sheered out during blending but was buildable.
5. A deep navy blue- though quite opaque works best layers over a similar shade base for it to pop, such a vibrant color.
6. Dark black- I use this to get a soft eyeliner when I am not in the mood to use a liquid eyeliner. Also works for smokey eyes and smudging kohl.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 row 5 swatches

Viseart Grande Pro row 5 swatches

Staying Power: These shades have great staying power on me. I notice minimal fading with them 6-7 hours into wear. I do have oily lids, so I always use a primer to help my shadows last longer.

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 eye makeup

Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1 eye makeup swatches

Overall, I have used this palette non stop since I got it. A thing to consider here is that since this is an “all-matte” palette, you would most likely use them to supplement your other glittery/shimmery shadows unless you are like me and prefer to rock “all matte looks” as well. Both EOTD have been created using only this palette for eyeshadows. I absolutely 100% recommend this palette if the price is not a deal breaker for you like it almost was for me.

Pros of Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1:

  • Smooth texture.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Huge range of shades.
  • Versatile, can be used as setting powder, contour, bronzer, blush.
  • Great staying power, does not crease on me.

Cons of Viseart Grande Pro Volume 1:

  • Some shades are very prone to sheering out, but it was not a deal breaker for me.

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