Vitamins for Hair Growth

Getting healthy hair doesn’t depend entirely on genes, hair products and styling routines. There are small things you can do every day that may help like a change in diet, which can improve the health and look of your hair gradually.

Consider supplementing your diet with below mentioned vitamins and minerals that will help keep your hair healthy, strong, and help to prevent any potential loss. But, don’t forget, the best way to obtain these nutrients is from whole foods.


Biotin also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H is one of the most commonly known vitamins to promote strong hair. Biotin promotes healthy hair by producing a fibrous protein called keratin that helps prevent hair loss and hair greying. Biotin also increases the hair’s elasticity thus preventing breakage. A Biotin deficiency can leave your scalp itchy and scaly. The deficiency of Biotin can be compensated either by taking it orally or by getting it through the following foods:

• Brown rice
• Green peas
• Lentils
• Oats
• Brewer’s yeast

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a commonly known antioxidant that is known to improve hair texture and sheen. It boosts the production of sebum, an oily substance secreted by the scalp, which keeps hair from drying out and breaking off. In addition, Vitamin A fights free radicals that weigh your hair down and provides protection against external bacteria that could damage your scalp. While Vitamin A is essential to healthy hair, you must exercise caution, as too much Vitamin A can lead to toxicity and can actually result in the opposite effect – hair loss.
Vitamin A is found in the following foods:

• Cod liver oil
• Krill oil
• Carrots
• Spinach
• Peaches


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known to help in the production and repair of hair cells, which in turn prevents split ends, aids in the prevention of hair loss and helps your hair grow faster. Vitamin E is found in the following foods:

• Wheat germ oil
• Sunflower oil
• Almonds
• Hazelnuts
• Spinach
• Turnip
• Beet
• Avocado

Vitamin B Complex

The many forms of vitamin B benefit hair in their own special ways. Vitamin B3 (niacin) prevents hair thinning, while vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) is known to stave off the graying of hair. Vitamin B6 helps prevent hair loss altogether by promoting your hair’s general health. One of the most important healthy hair vitamins, however, is vitamin B2 (riboflavin) as it aids in the absorption of other B vitamins.


Though with proper supplements, you can combat hair loss and slow down premature graying of the hair but, what you must not forget is that vitamin supplementation alone can never take the place of a healthy, balanced diet. Also, remember to check with your health care professional before adding any supplements to your diet.

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