Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser Review

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I had been searching for a makeup cleaner for some days. I generally love to use oil-based makeup cleanser but this is totally an oil-free cleanser. I thought why not try this one. So let’s get into the details.

Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser1

Price: Rs. 349/- for 150 ml

Product Description:
Formulated with superbly effective oil free Micellar Technology that gently removes all kinds of makeup including water proof lip and eye makeup, making skin clean and revived.

My Experience with Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser:

I am not a fan of Vivel products but still I bought this product with some good expectations. This cleanser comes in a cylindrical clear-blue plastic bottle with a screw cap. Bottle is really sturdy and good in quality. I like this packaging. This is totally a travel friendly one. As this is a 150-ml bottle, so it’s quite heavy but OK to carry around.

Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser3

Cleanser looks like watery type in the bottle. It comes in a clear, liquid form. It has a very refreshing smell, which is not overpowering at all. I quite like this smooth menthol kind of a smell. It feels good after a long day. I need a cotton pad to dab the product on face and gently clean the makeup. It needs a good amount of product to remove all the makeup from face. As it comes in a watery texture, it feels light on face.

The product claims to be alcohol free and dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested which is really good as a makeup cleanser. I always love alcohol-free products. This cleanser never aggravates my pimples. I don’t need to use a face wash afterwards if I don’t want to. It never makes my face oily. So sometimes when I need to correct my eye makeup or want to remove any incorrect makeup line, then this works really good. It just only cleans the area where applied and leaves an oil free skin.

Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser2

Vivel makeup cleanser is very gentle on skin. It gives a cool refreshing sensation on face post-application. I feel instant freshness. This cleanser is very effective to clean all the foundation and face makeup. Only few swipes can remove the makeup nicely. It is also good to clean eye makeup. I love the way how it cleans the glittery eye shadows. It never hurts or irritates my face and provides decent hydration to skin. Plus it keeps my face oil free for long.

Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser4

But this makeup cleanser is not supereffective on waterproof eye liner, waterproof mascara and also some matte lip sticks. It takes extra amount of the product or needs extra swipes to remove the waterproof makeup. So it always takes time to remove extramatte dark lipsticks properly. Basically, it is good as a normal makeup cleanser but not the supereffective one. I actually have very sensitive eyes, so I need to be extra careful while removing the eye makeup or it hurts the eyes. But honestly my eyes don’t accept this makeup cleanser for all times.

Overall I quite like this makeup cleanser. I mostly use this on my face. It works well as a face cleanser. But I try to avoid this for my eyes, especially when I have waterproof eye makeup. This is a good option for oily skinned people. But if you have really dry skin, then in winters this is not for you. Yeah you can use this in summer.
In the picture, I am using a waterproof gel liner, waterproof kajal, and a matte waterproof lip stick. You can see that it’s quite difficult to remove the matte lip stick.

Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser5

Pros of Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser:

• Comes with a nice travel-friendly packaging.
• Good amount of product.
• Has a very soothing relaxing smell.
• Clear watery formula feels light on face.
• Alcohol free and oil free.
• Contain micellar water, which is great to removes dirt from face.
• It smoothly spreads on skin and gives a cooling refreshing sensation.
• It can remove all the face makeup like foundation, blush.
• Effective to remove eye shadows, kohl kajal, washable liner, mascara.
• Keeps skin soft smooth and oil free for long time.
• Nicely cleans dirt and oil from the pores.

Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser6

Cons of Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser:

• Not supereffective to remove the waterproof eye makeup.
• It takes extra time and efforts to remove the matte lip stick and gel liner.
• Sometime it irritates my eyes.
• Not for superdry skin during winters.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Vivel Cell Renew Micellar Makeup Cleanser?
I quite like this oil-free formula and as it is good to clean the normal makeup, I maybe repurchase it. If you want an oil-free makeup cleanser for daily use, you may try this one. But this is not the best one for the waterproof makeup.

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