How to Wash Hair

how to wash your hairWash Off Your Hair To A Healthy Mane

A healthy mane not just means beautiful smooth hair, but also, it is a reflection of our personal hygiene and well being. Though many of us feel, we have been just to our hair by washing them. But the true justice does not lie in mere washing them. Rather it is, in “washing them properly”.

So, here I bring to you a list of dos and don’ts on how to wash hair

Step By Step Procedure To Wash Your Hair

1. Comb your hair using a wide mouth comb to in tangle hair. This would help prevent hair breakage and would ensure proper and easy cleaning of hair.
2. Use warm water to rinse your hair. It helps to open the scalp pores and scale like cuticles on our hair and thereby would help in removing dirt and oil from our scalp and hair.
3. Take a dollop of shampoo, and mix it in little amount of water. Use this mix. Pour it on scalp.  It is always advised that one should not apply shampoo directly to scalp and hair.
4. Now work off to lather. Use your fingers to massage the scalp. You can position your hands in claw shape while massaging. Make sure you don’t do it aggressively, as your hair is most susceptible to damage and breakage when wet. Massage would help you get rid of dirt, dead skin, oil(sebum) and dandruff. A good massage will also help in increasing the blood circulation. Don’t rub the ends, as that would lead to split ends.
5. Rinse off shampoo completely. Keep rinsing till no bubble is formed and clear stream of water flows.
6. Repeat the process. It is always said that the first round of shampoo is to get rid of dirt and oil whereas the second serves the goal of treating our hair.
7. Condition your delicate hair carefully. Take a dollop of conditioner. Apply  it along the hairline to ends. Conditioner should never be applied to scalp.
8. Let it stay for 5-10 minutes.
9. Rinse off completely.
10. For the last rinse, use cold water. Cold water helps close all pores and cuticles which were opened by warm water.
11. Dry your hair.


22 thoughts on “How to Wash Hair

  1. i follow all the rules :yahoo: :yahoo:

    except that my conditioner says apply both on scalp to the tips.. me confused ?:) but to be on safer side i’d rather condition it afar from roots .. 🙂

  2. very goood post puneeta… 🙂
    a frend of mine works at looks and even she suggested me the same thing which u have mentioned in point 3 :victory:

    1. hey thanks. u can apply egg yolk mixed with 1 tsp honey and arnd 2 tbsp of olive oil. leave it for 30 min. wash off using a shampoo.

  3. Hi,

    Cool tips thanks so much, I have a doubt.

    I have heard washing hair with warm water increases chances of grey hair !
    is it true , thats y I always try to avoid warm water …

    Please suggest dear …

  4. One more add on. We must towel dry our hair before applying conditioner for an even better result. And then continue with rest of the steps 🙂

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