How to Wash Hair

how to wash your hairDont’s

1. Don’t pull or tug at hair while drying. Try to squeeze out maximum water possible.
2. As far as possible avoid use of driers.  But in case of emergencies, opt for lower temperatures to dry your hair.
3. One should avoid excessive washing, as that depletes our natural oils.


1. Wash Hair At The Right Time:
The time when you wash your hair also makes a difference. One should not wash hair early in the morning as when we get up the blood circulation is little low. Washing our hair stimulates blood circulation. Such sudden changes are not good for our sensitive hair.
So is washing hair at night time not good for us. At night, the air is more humid and therefore it takes more time to dry our hair.
Doctors suggest that noon is the correct time to wash hair. Though in this busy world , this sounds almost impractical to be free in afternoons to wash our hair.
Also, we should avoid washing our hair one hour prior to and one hour after taking meals.

2. Always Shower:
When you wash your hair in a basin, the body posture is not very comfortable. Also, the chances of getting a backache are very high. Rather shower while washing your hair.

3. Know your shampoo ingredients:
Choose a shampoo depending on your hair type i.e oily , dry or normal. For this, it is very important that you know what the ingredients of your shampoo bottle are. Read the contents properly on shampoo bottle before taking your pick. Egg based shampoos are good for nourishing your hair. In case you suffer from dandruff you should opt for a shampoo having zinc pyrithione. Opt for natural shampoos, if your hair requires regular wash and especially if you cannot oil them before each wash.

4. A rinse with beer, brings shine to the mane.

5. Apply Stay-on conditioners:
They penetrate within the hair, making them smooth and manageable. They also provide protection to our hair from harsh weather conditions. Making our hair shine and look beautiful.

As Martin Luther sais “hair is the richest ornament of women”. So, enjoy your beautiful hair IMBB ladies!

Here’s a video on ‘How to Wash Your Hair’

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22 thoughts on “How to Wash Hair

  1. i follow all the rules :yahoo: :yahoo:

    except that my conditioner says apply both on scalp to the tips.. me confused ?:) but to be on safer side i’d rather condition it afar from roots .. 🙂

  2. very goood post puneeta… 🙂
    a frend of mine works at looks and even she suggested me the same thing which u have mentioned in point 3 :victory:

    1. hey thanks. u can apply egg yolk mixed with 1 tsp honey and arnd 2 tbsp of olive oil. leave it for 30 min. wash off using a shampoo.

  3. Hi,

    Cool tips thanks so much, I have a doubt.

    I have heard washing hair with warm water increases chances of grey hair !
    is it true , thats y I always try to avoid warm water …

    Please suggest dear …

  4. One more add on. We must towel dry our hair before applying conditioner for an even better result. And then continue with rest of the steps 🙂

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