Watsons Super Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel Review

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Hello sweethearts,

Watsons is one brand that was on my list for a long time since I never got a chance to try their products. The moment I saw these, I got them! I got 2 shower gels from Watsons, one is this and the other on will take a lot of time to get reviewed since that is a brightening one. Let’s see whether I become fairer or not, but till then, I have a luxurious fruit champagne for you guys. Scroll down to enjoy this drink!

Watsons Super-Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel Review

Product Description:
Watsons superfruits juicy shower gel with pomegranate and raspberry perfectly blends the powerful revitalizing of natural superfruits extracts with delicious and fresh fragrances for simply sensational all-over bath. The shower gel is enriched with vitamin C and natural AHA to help brighten and nourish skin while vitamin E helps your skin maintain natural moisture for healthy and dazzling look.

Directions to Use:
Dispense a moderate amount on your palm or sponge, work into lather. Apply all over your body and rinse thoroughly

Rs 500 for 395 ml

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My Experience with Watsons Super Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel:

It looked so unique among the lot of shower gels, and the red liquid added to the catchiness. It comes in a transparent bottle with a red pump cap. It has small fruits over the label along with a crackled label. At first, I thought it was a packaging flaw but then saw some more bottles and realised that is the way they made it. It is a large bottle, and there is one flaw about the packaging that could have been improved – the nozzle has to be pulled up initially and there is no way it can go back to the locked state which is why this cannot be carried anywhere. A little press will spill all the shower gel inside the bag.

Watsons Super-Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel Review1

We can very well see the quantity reduction because it is a see through bottle. Just a little pump over the loofah is needed to scrub the entire body. It works alone too but just that the lather will be lesser. It lathers up amazingly well and reveals the smell that captures the entire shower for like 5 minutes and then it goes away. It has a lovely, fruit-punch kind of a smell resembling a juicy blend of pomegranate and berries with a burst of sweetness to it. It is a cute and fun fragrance to bath with. It leaves my skin squeaky clean and makes me look fresh and even feel fresh. It removes all the oil secretion and all the impurities from my skin.

Watsons Super-Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel Review2

My skin actually feels a lot silkier and this can also be used as shaving foam as it lathers up very well which gives a smooth and safe shave. It does not leave any scent on my body after rinsing; also while using, the smell starts to vanish. Hence I wish the scent was a bit stronger. Although I have combination skin and my skin does not turn out to be extremely dry, I feels the need to moisturise it because this does not provide enough moisture. Overall, I think it is a decent shower gel, but it has nothing that could take me back.

Watsons Super-Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel Review3

Pros of Watsons Super Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel:

• The packaging is great as it looks like a fruit champagne bottle loaded with a nice cranberry drink or something
• Smells like fruit punch with a blend of juicy pomegranates and berries, loaded with sweetness
• It lathers up very well and a little pump is used at a time
• Leaves my skin very clean and fresh
• Makes my skin really smooth and soft
• Suitable for all skin types

Cons of Watsons Super Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel:

• Availability might be an issue
• The smell is gone after rinsing the shower gel
• A boost of hydration is needed as this alone isn’t very hydrating for the skin
• There is no brightening on my skin and I don’t know why they claimed “skin brightening”
• The pump cap does not have a lock system; not travel-friendly

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Watsons Super Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel?
Yes to both. People who like changing shower gels every month do try this, it is pretty good and a decent one, and it would be a great gifting option too as this bottle would look luxurious and the person will surely like it. Everyone carries a real champagne bottle, wouldn’t this look super unique?

IMBB Rating:

I love this brand for the very gentle and simple products that they make, although I won’t remain loyal to their shower gels, their cotton pads are something that I will always keep buying because the quality is excellent!

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Watsons Super Fruits Pomegranate and Raspberry Juicy Shower Gel Review Overall rating: 3 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

Cute bottle but works average!

3 5 1
The watsons shower gel is a decent one..it has a very gentle formula, along with a fresh juicy burst of fragrance that totally gets me in a good mood... but it is very average because it also does not hydrate my skin and we do need a lotion after it.. ad I think I have used better than this but i totally adore the packaging :-)
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    1. Yes exactly.. it is such a fruity blend that we all we love.. i know the packaging just couldn’t stop me from getting this 🙂

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