Watsons Moisturizing Facial Mask Aloe Vera Extract Review

Watsons Moisturizing Facial Mask Aloe Vera Extract

Hi Girls, today’s pick is a moisturizing facial mask from Watsons. A super awesome mask for me, read on further to know more about it.

Price: Rs 100 approx for one sheet


My experience with Watsons moisturizing facial mask Aloe vera extract

I had picked a few facial masks sheets on my last foreign visit, then for ages I just forgot about them. The other day, I saw a few of these just sitting quietly in the corner of my drawer. It was a boon for my thirsty skin. Watson moisturizing mask comes in a one-time use sheet form. You have to remove it from the packet and put it on your clean face. I usually, scrub my face with a mild facial scrub and then apply the sheet. The mask has cavities provided for eyes, nose and mouth, just a little bit of adjustment here and there and it fits nicely on the face. The sheet is oozing with creamy, transparent liquid that has a pleasant fragrance. I just have to press it a little bit and it feels that all the goodness of aloe vera is absorbed in the skin. Amazing fragrance is the icing on the cake and makes it a super awesome experience. I usually keep this on my face for about 20 minutes and then remove it gently. It does not give any stretchy or dry feeling. Even with so much of creamy liquid, it does not feel sticky. It’s very light weight and gets absorbed by the skin in almost no time.


As per the instructions given, there is no need to wash the face after removing the mask. I also didn’t wash and it felt alright. I could see a drastic change in the texture of my skin even in one time. It felt bright and fresh. I could feel my facial skin is squeaky clean now.


I am in love with Watsons sheet masks, these are so easy to use and can be carried on travels also. Just remove them from the cover and apply them. Very hygienic and effective also. I am surely picking some more for myself.



Yays for Watsons moisturizing facial mask Aloe vera extract

• Excellent results, made my skin oh so soft and clear
• Very refreshing
• Facial sheet is made of natural pulp
• Contains natural and amazing ingredients
• No itching or discomfort on the skin
• No burning sensation in the eyes
• Full of juicy liquid that made my skin soft and smooth even in one use
• Sheet size is appropriate and fitted well
• No stretchy feeling during or after the mask was removed
• Can be used on sensitive skin also
• Comes with a plastic back up sheet, which makes it easy to open n apply on the face.
• Gives excellent and lasting result
• Has a long shelf life of 3 years, hence can be bought in bulk

Nays for Watsons moisturizing facial mask Aloe vera extract

• Not available in India
• Can be used just once

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I repurchase Watsons Masks?

A big Yes for me. Next time I will make sure I am getting this in bulk, so I can enjoy its goodness for long.

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