10 Ways To Get Rid of Flabby Arms

No matter how much women adore Sylvester Stallone or even Hrithik Roshan’s biceps, I bet none of them would want them on their body. Huge biceps look odd on women, at least I don’t like muscles popping out underneath sleeves. Everyone has a different plus and minuses as far as their bodies are concerned. Some eat a lot but do not gain weight, some eat nothing but gain weight. Some of us may notice more fat on few body parts than others. Thighs, hips and arms have been the most problematic areas for women. If you too want to get rid of arm flab then this is what you should do.

Some exercises to get rid of arm flab:

Shoulder Presses:

• Stand straight with your feet apart (at hips’ distance).
• Lift the dumbbells over your head.
• Now return back keeping your arms to shoulder height. Make sure that your elbows are at 90-degree angles.
• Repeat this 8 to 12 times.


Triceps Dips:

• Sit on the edge of a chair or bench.
• Place your hands next to you with your fingers pointed forward. Keep your arms straight.
• Lift yourself off the chair and bend down until your shoulders line up with your elbows.
• Gently raise back up again.
• Do three reps of 10 lifts each.


Triceps Kickbacks:

• Stand straight with your feet apart (at hips’ distance).
• Lean over until your torso is parallel to the floor. Keep your back flat.
• Hold a dumbbell in one hand.
• Start with your elbows bent and pulled up to ribcage.
• Straighten the elbow out behind you.
• Lower back down and repeat.


Standing barbell curls:

• Stand up straight
• With an underhand grip hold a barbell.
• Now, curl the bar up. Make sure you do not swing your body while doing so.
• Lower the bar down to initial position. Don’t be in a hurry to do so if you do not want to hurt yourself.


Pushups Hands Close:

• Get in the position of a basic pushup exercise.
• Keep your hands positioned close together.
• Keep your elbows in as you lower your body down. This will put more pressure on triceps rather than the pectoral muscles.

Cardiovascular Exercise: perform regular cardiovascular workouts like swimming, running, biking etc. Do these exercises for at least 30 minutes. Five days a week is what you need to keep your body in good shape.

Some tips to get the maximum out of your workout:

Drink green tea in the morning. It has antioxidants that help the body to burn fat and detoxify. Eliminate all juice (except natural pomegranate juice) and soft drinks from your diet. Drink only 1 cup of coffee a day.
Avoid junk food at all cost.

Never go on a restrictive diet, as they only mess with your metabolism and ultimately make you gain more weight, in the long run. To get and maintain a toned body change your lifestyle, rather than indulging in a fad diet or program.
Avoid fat and sugar: Stay away from consuming food rich in fats (especially saturated fats) and sugar. However, nuts, olive oil, fish oil, flax seed oil should be included in diet.
Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables: They are rich in dietary fibers and essential vitamins and minerals, which enable you to burn more calories, and not accumulate fat.

Just follow these tips and take out your favourite sleeveless dress you have kept aside due to your arm flab.

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8 thoughts on “10 Ways To Get Rid of Flabby Arms

  1. i had obscenely flabby arms but then i joined the gym and all the above mentioned exercises (and more) found a place in my routine. my arms are still huge, but they’re toned. probably i can thank my sikh genes for them? :toothygrin: now i can wear whatever i want, without fretting about how my arms will end up looking. earlier, even finding t-shirts that fit well was a problem!

    1. oh. in my opinion, tricep dips are one of the best exercises for arms. they can be done anytime, anywhere and you don’t even need any equipment (unlike most other arm exercises that require dumbbells). one of my favourite exercises.

  2. the chair is a good tip. I use dumbelles in 3 kgs weight at the gym but i do only abt 5 count of the standing and taking it over my head, 5 count of pulling my arms in front of me. i am kinda afraid i might sprain or pull a muscle for lack of insufficient guidance.

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