6 Ways to Use Beetroot Juice for Glowing Skin

Beetroots have been identified as one vegetable which can benefit skin amazingly well – applied topically as well as when made part of the daily diet. Beetroot detoxifies and cleanses the body, reduces inflammation, and prevents premature ageing with its abundant antioxidants and vitamin C, A, and K levels. Beetroot is great for weight loss as well because it is low in calories and is a good source of iron, folate, magnesium, and other essential minerals. In this post, we list down 6 Ways to Use Beetroot Juice for Glowing Skin.

1. Drink a Glass of Raw Beetroot Juice: Taken in its raw form, one can get all the nutrients from beetroot intact. In fact, it’s one of the best way to detoxify and clear out pimples and blemishes. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice a day for two weeks will give you radiant skin. Adding carrot and orange to this juice can improve the flavour and nutrient content as wel.

2. Make your Own Natural Blush: This is the easiest remedy to get instant natural blush on your cheeks. Just dab some beetroot juice on your cheeks and you have the natural flush of red and pink on your cheeks. Although, this remedy is only temporary and not a permanent solution. How To Make Natural Cheek Tint.

Ways to Use Beetroot Juice for Glowing Skin

3. Tan Removal Beetroot Face Pack: You can make a good tan-removal face pack by mashing up steamed beetroots and mixing it up with yogurt. The combination of beetroot and yogurt can remove even stubborn tan with regular use. You can also mix bentonite clay to this face pack to make it a detoxifying face pack.

4. Beetroot Scrub for Severe Acne: Annoyed with pesky pimples showing all over your face? Try this homemade beetroot scrub to get rid of acne.

5. Beetroot Serum: Make your own vitamin C rich serum for glowing skin by making a juice out of one whole beetroot and then adding pure aloe vera gel, vitamin E capsule into it. You can refrigerate this natural serum and use it for up to one week.

6. Beetroot Ice Cubes: Freeze your beetroot juice into ice cubes to reduce pimple size and brighten up skin tone. You can add squeeze in some lemon juice and add rose water as well for added benefits.

Hope we have listed out enough reasons to use beetroot juice as a staple in your beauty routine 🙂

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