10 Ways To Treat Cellulite At Home

Cellulite is caused by a collection of fat, under the skin’s surface, pushing through skin, which can create a dimpled or “cottage cheese” kind of an appearance. So while it’s a widespread body concern, it is not necessarily a health concern and would not have any adverse reaction on normal body functions. In fact, cellulite poses no risk to your health, and most doctors consider it completely normal. People of all weights are affected by it, and there is no known treatment to get rid of cellulite. There’s a popular notion that cellulite can be treated only by using expensive creams and going under the knife, which is not at all true. While the process of combating cellulite may be tough and it may take time to reduce, but it can surely be done, and best done through these remedies that can be tried at home. This article will tell you about different ways to treat cellulite at home.

Treat Cellulite at home

1. Through Regular Massage: Massaging helps in reducing cellulite, it is a great way of breaking down fat cells and it also increases the circulation of fat cells. Dry brushing (here’s all you need to know about the technique of dry brushing) is a massage technique used for getting rid of cellulite. You need a shower brush for dry brushing, and ensure that the shower brush has soft bristles. All you need to do is dry brush your cellulite affected area for about 10 minutes every day, ensure that the motions of the brush are circular. Your skin has to be dry too, no damp or moist skin. A dry brushing increase blood circulation and also tones the muscles.

2. Apply Coconut Oil: Coconut oil supposedly increases metabolism of the body. You can use coconut oil to decrease cellulite. There are many ways of using coconut oil to combat cellulite. You can either massage the cellulite affected area with coconut oil, or simply add coconut oil in your daily meals, or even consume a spoon of coconut oil directly. Coconut oil also has anti-aging properties and also moisturizes the skin.

3. Oil Therapy with Rosemary, Almond and Sunflower Oil: Massaging with rosemary, sunflower and almond oil loosens the cellulite thus reducing it. A frequent massage with these oils increase the lymphatic flow of the body and reduces the formation of cellulite. Also, read about “7 Essential Oils to Reduce Cellulite.”

4. Using Pantyhose: Yes, you read it right, wearing a pantyhose does reduce cellulite and it does so by increasing circulation of blood and compressing the fat. The market is full of tights which are specially made for reducing cellulite. These tights have in built caffeine in them, which penetrates into your body with the temperature variations of your body, this also breaks down the fatty tissues in the body which further results in reducing cellulite.

5. Coffee Scrub: Studies reveal that coffee apparently reduces the swelling caused in the fat cells, which makes the body skin appear smoother. Many cellulite creams do have caffeine as their key ingredient but you can use a coffee scrub made at home too. Roast some coffee pods on a “tava” and then put them in a cloth and wrap it around the cellulite area you can use a plastic wrap to do this too. Leave it on for around 10-15 minutes. The warmth of the coffee beans open up the pores in the skin hence allowing the caffeine to absorb in. Read about “10 Homemade Body Scrubs To Clear Cellulite.”

6. Body Wrapping: Body wrapping also reduces cellulite. There are a lot of varieties of body wraps available in the market. Herbal and mineralized body wraps are great for combating cellulite, as they help in stimulating the discharge of contents from the fat cells.

7. Most Importantly, Do Not Forget About Following the Right Kind of Diet: Sometimes we overlook the most important factor that helps us to reduce cellulite. The right kind of diet, such as Rati Beauty diet, not only helps in losing weight but also in reducing overall body fat and cellulite. Also, avoid fried snacks and sweets, also include lean meats in your diet and bake you food instead of frying it. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Have a fiber rich diet, and cut down on alcohol too.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar Dose: As we all know Apple cider vinegar aids weight loss, this is also very effective with reducing cellulite. All you need to do is gulp down like 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a lot of water. You can even dilute the vinegar with water and honey. Massaging the cellulite affected area with apple cider vinegar also reducing cellulite.

9. Detoxification: You need to detoxify your body to get rid of cellulite. Particularly the colon and the liver needs to be detoxified if you need to get rid of cellulite.

10. Exercise Three Times a Week: Also, remember to exercise at least three times a week. A combination of the right weight loss diet, such as Rati Beauty diet (on the Rati Beauty app) and exercise will work wonders to get rid of cellulite.

Hope these tips helps you all in combating cellulite.

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