Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara Review

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Here’s another review, and I got this mascara from the affordable drugstore brand, Wet n Wild. This claims to be the blackest mascara. Let’s see how this one fared for me and if it lived up to its claims.

Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara Review

Price: AED 35
Product Description:
Make an impact with Wet n Wild Mega Impact Mascara, the richest, most intense ink-black imaginable. This revolutionary mascara formula provides extreme volume and length. Wet n Wild Mega Impact Mascara contains a silicon complex that provides elasticity and flexibility, proven to enhance the natural lash up to eight-times. This all-in one formula is enriched with argan oil to permeate and condition each lash to promote healthy, strong hair while adding colour and shine. Cruelty Free: Not tested on animals.

My Experience with Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara:

I picked up two drug store mascaras from Essence and wet and wild. Since these mascaras are not available in India I thought of picking up two for myself for long time use while shopping in Dubai. You can read about how the essence I love extreme volume mascara here.

Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara Packaging

The plastic packaging of this mascara is very lightweight and sturdy. This makes a great option while travelling. The color of the mascara tube is neon orange and this color is eye-catching. I can easily reach out for this mascara in my makeup stash by just looking at the color. The cap locks and unlocks tightly without any fuss.

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Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara Open

The mouth or opening of the bottle is neither small nor big – it is just perfect. I can easily pull out my wand without any trouble. There is this small curved cut or design on its cap which makes it look a little fancy. I like how this one looks, and other details like shelf life etc were mentioned on the seal.

The Wand:
The bristles of the wand are dense and soft. They don’t prick the eyes. They are kind of straight and help in distributing the application evenly on the lashes. The size of the wand is perfect for my eyes. My eyes are neither small nor big and this works well for me. This size of the wand facilitates better application and doesn’t transfer around the eye area.

Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara

Performance and Results:
It is a dry gel-based formula that has an intense black color. It does live up to its claim of being the blackest black. However, you would have to apply multiple coats in order to see the actual effects of this mascara. With its first swipe it doesn’t make a huge difference but with second, third and fourth swipe it looks quite visible and nice.

Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara Wand

The color makes the lashes look more pretty. I love its color and its effect that it gives to my lashes. I am glad the formula is dry as I am not a wet formula person when it comes to mascaras. Wet formula mascara is always sticky and tends to transfer a lot around the eye area after application. But with this one, it’s not the same. There is no need to wait for your lashes dry as the formula itself is dry and non-sticky.

Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara Applicator

It doesn’t flake or clump either. In terms of curling the lashes, I can say this isn’t the best mascara I’ve ever come across but its performance is decent. It’s the same with adding dimension and lengthening the lashes. The mascara does curl up the lashes, adds dimension and lengthens the lashes a bit but doesn’t live up to my expectations to a great extent. It doesn’t add any volume to the lashes either.

Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara Eye Makeup

It looks pretty after application and it’s a decent buy for the price you pay. This is more affordable in the US when compared to the Gulf and other countries. And it starts to wear off after a couple of hours. The effect starts to wither and doesn’t stay for a long time.

Pros of Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara:

• Quite a decent and functional packaging.
• I like how the wand functions.
• The size as well as bristles are perfect.
• Dry gel-based formula doesn’t clump.
• The formula is non-sticky.
• Intense black color.
• Does add a bit dimension to the lashes.
• Looks pretty after application.
• Doesn’t flake.
• Cruelty-free.

Cons of Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara:

• The color isn’t visible with just one application.
• Multiple coats ned to be applied for actual effects.
• Curls and lengthens the lashes but not dramatically.
• Doesn’t add any volume to the lashes.
• Staying power isn’t good enough.

IMBB Rating: 3.2/5
Would I Recommend Wet n Wild Mega Impact Blackest Black Mascara?
This is a decent product and is more suitable for everyday, casual looks. However, I won’t really recommend this one as there are better mascaras out there. You could still give it a try as it is affordable.

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