Yardley London Lace Deo Spray Review

Yardley London Lace Deo Spray


Today I am going to review a deodorant from Yardley named lace. Yardley deodorants are always my favorite for regular use. The fragrance is usually mild and smooth and this one is no exception.




Rs. 170

Yardley Lace Deo Spray

About Yardley London:

Yardley London is famous throughout the world as a purveyor of quality fragrances and soaps. Yardley London has two Royal Warrants and prides itself on its wide range of beautiful, quality floral fragrances and ancillary products. Inspired by England’s diverse and varied flowers, Yardley London specialize in the creation of fragrances that are based around one or two key linear notes, a note that remains constant throughout the fragrance, softened with subtle top, heart and base notes.
About Yardley Lace Perfumed Deodorant Body Spray

An original feminine perfume spray from Yardley. Nothing becomes a woman like Lace. This exquisite and rare fragrance is captured in a deodorizing body spray to prevent body odour and make you feel very very special all day long.


Shake well before use. Hold the bottle 15 cm from the body and spray. Leave feeling fresh all day long.

Yardley lace deo spray (5)

Ethyl alcohol, butane, propane, isobutene, fragrance, diethylphthalate, propylene glycol, triclosan
Alcohol ( 95%v/v) content 36% w/w diethyl phthalate – 1% w/w

My experience with Yardley London Lace Deo Spray:

The bottle is sky blue in color with a well fitted cap .The shape of the bottle is same as other yardley deodorants with Yardley lace written on it. I am a mild smell lover. A little strong fragrance can irritate me easily so I choose perfumes and deodorants very carefully. Yardley lace is a mild and refreshing deo. It won my heart with light flowery fragrance. The smell is very feminine. The smell is as soothing as the color of the bottle (sky blue). The smell stays but gradually fades so one must reapply this to get the actual mild and soothing scent and feeling all day.

Yardley lace deo spray (4)

Yardley never disappointed me. I love using their perfumes, deodorants, powder as well as body lotion. This perfume is also a decent product from Yardley but it is nothing over the top. But still I liked it for the mild smell it provides me every time I use it.

Pros of Yardley London Lace Deo Spray:

 Travel friendly
 Mild, soothing, refreshing, feminine smell
 Smell stays ( but fades)
 Very good for mild fragrance lover like me
 Pocket friendly
 Value for money

Yardley lace deo spray (3)

Yardley lace deo spray (2)

Cons of Yardley London Lace Deo Spray:

 I wish the original smell stayed without fading
Other than this I found no other cons regarding Yardley lace.

Will I purchase Yardley London Lace Deo Spray?

No, I will try other mild deodorants.

Do I recommend Yardley London Lace Deo Spray?

Preferences differ from person to person and perfumes/deodorants must be chosen according to one’s own taste so smell before buying, thought I think mild fragrance lover will like this.

IMBB rating – 3.5 / 5

Be happy and keep smiling 🙂

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