Axe Excite Deodorant Body Spray For Men Review

Axe Excite Deodorant Body Spray For Men

How are you all? Today am here to share another deodorant spray from my hubby’s secret collection – Axe Excite Deo Spray. He says that Axe was his first possession and hence it holds consistent place in his wardrobe. He got this goodie almost a year back after Axe launched it here on several drugstores. Since then I can see this seductive slim bottle lying in his wardrobe making me fall on my knees as per its claims.. 😉 lol. Please read on further to know about Axe Excite Deo spray.


Price: $ 4.99 for 4.0 Oz (113 g), price may vary store to store

Ingredients: SD Alcohol 40 B , Hydrofluorobarbon 152A , Fragrance (Parfum) , Polyaminopropyl Biguanide Stearate

What Axe claims about Its product: Tempt your senses. Axe Excite is an addictive woody fragrance that will have your angel falling on the first encounter. The seductive blend of coconut, hazelnut and caramel scents evolve into a sexy lingering aroma.

Packaging: Axe Excite deodorant spray comes in very interesting & unique twist top over sturdy packaging. You just need to twist top over and the nozzle reveals out and after spraying it all over body just twist back the nozzle. It’s completely mess free and travel friendly packaging. The nozzle is safely twisted inside the bottle so no mess of spilling fluid or drying bottle unlike in case of cap packaging as my hubby always forgets to place cap back.


My Experience with Axe Excite Deodorant Body Spray For Men:

Well as I confessed earlier, am not a fragrance person myself but I do love sniffing and using other’s fragrance collection… 😛 lol Since teenage I am sniffing and noticing different varieties of fragrances courtesy my deo freak brother and papa as well.. 😛 Back then I used to spray on their deos or perfumes (sometimes) for parties and festivals until one day someone kind enough reminded me of using gals perfume rather than stealing dad’s collection.. 😛 I don’t know why I never felt like investing few bucks on my perfumes rather than sneaking into others collection.. 😀

After wedding I noticed another fragrance freak my hubby, a close competitor of my bro & papa. He never leaves home without deo or perfume god knows well!. However, I love his ever increasing collection of fragrances as I also get a chance to use and sniff so many seductive goodies without fear of getting scolded as he himself don’t know how many bottles he owns till date.. 😛 😀 Anyways coming over Axe excite, honestly it gives me a feminine feel by looking over its slim tempting dark pinkish black bottle hihihi. Moreover, it has slight feminine aroma which is not over powering but if I will ever spray it in public nobody would bother to ask me why am using it for sure.. 😀 Jokes apart, it is a sexy, seductive masculine fragrance which has slight feminine touch to it may be that’s the reason axe claims to make all angel fall on first encounter.. ha ha But after few more encounters angel will run away as this deo hardly stays for long hours. Lol In just one sniff I may notice mild woody notes of coconut, hazelnut lightly overpowered with caramel nutty aroma which lingers on for few hours on body. At first the smell seems really powerful and by the time it just goes on milder & milder. Even I feel itching on my nose for few seconds when my hubby sprays it inside closed room know. I feel the staying power of this deo is not as expected. It just stays for 4 hours or even less on clothes and body. Actually my hubby uses dove body wash which is much powerful than this deo hence he never figured out the staying power issue and personally I feel these guys just spray deos for a moment and then forget about rest hours.


Personally when I sprayed it on my hand and suit I experienced sudden itching on my nose and then slowly this woody aroma disappeared from my hand & clothes within few hours. Even when he comes back from office in the evening I cannot figure out this deo on him unlike other deos. Over all I noticed a strong woody seductive aroma but lingering on for poor 3-4 hours causing little itching & burning sometimes when the can is sprayed from closer distance than 6 inch (my hubby says so). One bottle lasts longer may be 6 months or more but as compared to other deos its ordinary. It may be good for college guys but for guys looking for body odour solution, this may be a skip.

Lets sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Axe Excite Deodorant Body Spray For Men:

• Unique twist top over nozzle packaging ensures mess free handling
• Attractive travel friendly packaging
• Soothing heavenly blend of woody notes like coconut, hazelnut and caramel on top
• One may notice slight feminine touch once sniffing it


Cons of Axe Excite Deodorant Body Spray For Men:

• Staying power is just average
• Might cause itching on nose and burning sensation if sprayed too close from body or inside closed room.

I feel probably this bottle costs much much lower than what these guys pay for high end brands hence Axe is famous among teenagers. For a small get together or day out it is good but it won’t solve body odour issues over all. As I told earlier angel may fall on her knees on first encounter but afterwards she will surely run with legs on her head. lol I hope you know my rating for this goodie.

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