YSL Rouge Volupté 27 Rose Paris Review, Photos and Swatches

Head-over-heels in love with YSL lipstick!

I admit I “chanced upon” this rather than “went looking” for it but I am glad I had the chance for it.

I am lately into corals, peaches (even oranges!), thanks to Rati :). And additionally was getting tempted by some bright pinks (again looking at Rima) as I earlier never thought I could pull it off. This one, as you will see quenches both my wants!
And a 3 hour layover at the Bangalore airport between our flights was only an added boon. They have a full fledged Shoppers Stop with prim and stocked cosmetic counters. Read YSL and Shiseido! I love it. So while my man sat alone sipping his beer I happily trotted away. After checking lipsticks in the nude/coral/bright pink in almost all brands there – Chambor, Lakme, Loreal, Maybelline and even Shiseido (they have lovely matte rouges but very few colors choices) I ended up in the YSL counter. A couple of quick glances, the moment I saw this little one I fell
in love!

Why I say “glances” is because the rim in between is colored to match the lipstick color inside.
*YSL says (and so rightly!):*

An object of every woman’s desires, Rouge Volupté’s luxurious and lush outer packaging reveals a creamy lipstick that leaves your lips nourished, feeling smooth and soft, and looking glossy and irresistible. Presented in a romantic and elegant golden metallic case, with a mirror on top for quick and easy application throughout the day, and an intricate carving of the Yves Saint Laurent logo to reveal the shade.

2008 Allure Best of Beauty Editors’ Choice Award Winner, Best Bright Lipstick, Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Provocative Pink #10.

2009 CEW Insider’s Choice Prestige Lip Beauty Award Winner.

Spring 2010’s four new, perfect-for-spring shades: #27 Rose Paris, #28 Beaubourb Brown, #29 Opera Rose and #30 Faubourg Peach


27 Rose Paris is a bright pinky coral – i thought for long if it was more pink or more coral – The first swipe made me think pink, but then no I wouldnt have got drawn to it if it wasnt coral too :), anyways it is more coral but pink-ily so; its not peach either! (to me peach is a duller, or lets say a more sophesticated version of coral; no offense to who like
coral, including me, but what i mean is peaches could be used for a more classy look while corals for a more sassy look :p)

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

The price is Rs.1820 (including VAT) for 4g of the product that comes along.

  • It is all that it claims to be and more!
  • The packaging pops out and makes you grab it! Signature YSL logo on a golden tube embossed makes it regal.
  • This beauty here is smooth and creamy alright – lots of them are! – but then silky? absolutely
  • I am not sure I can actually describe the texture right in words, but it slides smooth and creamy but with a silky feel (like someone is swishing a silk veil on your lips)
  • Almost a consistency between solid and fluid!
  • I think texture is the sexiest part of the product
  • (Dont think I have felt this in any other, even MACs. not sure of other hi-end brands like Chanel, Diors and such)
swatch-Without Flash
swatch-Without Flash

Natural light tends to bring the coral out


White light / Flash shows it more pinky

  • It gives a nice sheen which means you can just as easily skip thoseglosses
  • I always wear glosses on top and have one in each shade to go with every color family of lipstick; But for this, I didnt use any; And I wouldn’t too for it may just spoil the righteous color.
  • It is not very obviously moisturising like say the Maybelline Color
  • Sensational, but it probably is as it does not dry your lips one bit!
  • This one here is quite heavily pigmented and thats maybe why it lasts longgg! It is not marketed as a long-lasting one, at least as far as i have read about it and oh no, esp not with the sticky formula that makes one!
  • I had applied it twice or thrice over – with a meal in between the color remained, although the moisturising effect was washed off
  • With just a few drinks or coffee, it stays almost as is – for 3-4 hours easily
  • Its probably just #27 but I got the feeling it stayed on and on!

This YSL lipstick has a cute round mirror on top; may not be of full use but good enough for touch-ups.


The other amazing part is the promise of color – What you see on the tube is what you get, spot on! But of course how it comes out is how one applies it and also depends on your natural lip color. A light application looks dainty and brings out a flush of pink on your lips.

light application
light application

But the true light comes when you swipe a bit more. Bright, attractive hue!

on me
on me

I havent found one negative in this product to write about!

An ultimate pick in the luxury brands that leaves you exhilarated, sensual, feeling pricey and princess-y.

ummah! muah!

:-*   :-* :-* :-*  :-*

Repurchase – Hell Yes! (even purchase another!)


28 thoughts on “YSL Rouge Volupté 27 Rose Paris Review, Photos and Swatches

  1. hey Gaea, looking fab, was a little confused when saw ‘articles by Rati’ and then u referred to Rati in the review. This lippie sounds really luxurient … sigh! maybe some day 😀 tho Im more a coral than peaches kinda of person 😛

  2. Gawd don’t use it carefully..
    Throw all cuation to wind and flaunt it girl…

    You ROCK this colour… Sexy, flirty, and Awessssome!!!! :-* :-*

  3. Lovely colour…..I’m really loving it, Gaea. I’m so off pinks these days, and into peaches and corals. I must check this out. I tried to check out the Ruby eyeshadow of Shiseido….I think you did a tute using this. They had all the colours, except the Ruby. Was quite disappointed.

  4. Hallo there,

    I had been always looking for a pink-coral colour. Your review made me to buy this today. Wow.. its a gorgeous gorgeous colour and exactly what i was looking for. I paired it up with Nyx Mauve and both complimented each other too well.. Thanks again for such a nice review.

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