YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Orange Perfecto, N*de in Private, Pink Devotion Review, Swatch, FOTD

ysl rouge volupte shines review

Claims : Introducing Rouge Volupté Shine. Give in to the temptation of dazzling color. Succumb to a unique sensorial experience with extreme comfort and luminous shine. Hyaluronic acid microspheres help seal in moisture for 8 hours of hydration. Anti-oxidants and emollients help condition and soften lips.
Price : USD 37

ysl rouge volupte shine lipsticks review

My Experience with YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipsticks
Since there have been pretty good reviews of these lipsticks on IMBB, I picked up 3 of these. 😀 IMBB is making me spend my pocket money. 😛 😛
So the 3 shades I picked are

N*de in Private #9: A beautiful mauve toned brown n*de with flecks of multi micro shimmer. I am obsessed with this lip color. Sometimes I feel it washes me out when I don’t have kohl or bight makeup on my eyes. But I still love this color. It is very easy to wear esp on days when you don’t want much color on your lips. Plus these lipsticks are soo moisturising, I use this instead of a lip balm a lot. It is an excellent neutral shade for those with light skin tones and a good MLBB for those with medium skin tones. If you are one with dusky skin tone, this would be your pale n*de kind of shade (if you like wearing those kind of colors). PS : Naughty name. 😀
Pink Devotion #6: It is a medium pink color with fuchsia micro shimmer. The shimmer only adds shine, it is not visible. It does not feel gritty on lips. It is a great shade for all skin tones.
Orange Perfecto #46: It is a beautiful coral orange. This is also a universally flattering shade but an absolute great one for those with dusky skin tones.

These are glossy, creamy and moisturising lipsticks.The texture of these lipsticks is very smooth and glide on the lips like a dream. I find these extremely good for days when I am not having the best lips days or I am too lazy to exfoliate my lips. I am not a gloss person but I absolutely like these kind of shiny glossy lipsticks. They are not sticky and feel very light on lips.They have a sweet fruity fragrance but I don’t find any taste in theses. The packaging is absolutely breathtaking. Gorgeous gold with YSL etched all around the lipstick. I like that these lipsticks have a coloured band of the same color. It makes it easier to store. My favourite among the 3 lipsticks are N*de in Private and orange Perfecto. I am not too fond of this shade of pink so I always mix and match the pink with some other shade. On some days when I find the neutral shade too pale, I use the pink and the mix of two adds life to the color. These lipsticks don’t settle in fine lines or smudge. But what I like the MOST is that they transfer very less. I mean you could have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and you’d notice the least amount of transfer. These are pigmented lipsticks. Although you need two swipes of the lipstick to gel a full opaque coverage. Since these are so creamy and moisturizing, you’d end up using 2-3 swipes anyway.

The only con is that these are not long lasting lipsticks. The N*de in private shade completely disappears from my lips after 3-4 hours. And if I have had a meal before that, this would not even leave a stain behind. But the pink and the orange color stays for more than 4 hours on me and they still leave a faint stain after a full meal. That said, with such gorgeous lipsticks I don’t mind pulling these out and doing the touchups. 😀

I can’t help compare them with the Chanel Stylo lipsticks. The difference I’d state between the two are definitley the packaging. Chanel lipsticks are more pigmented than these. And Chanel lipsticks have gel-cream like texture unlike these YSL ones- these have more balmy texture. The YSL lipsticks hold better in tube. My Chanel lipsticks are almost melting in the heat. I have to be careful using them. Chanel lipsticks are available in India, these are not. YSL lipsticks are available only at the International airport atm. Chanel lipsticks are more long lasting than these. Both have their pros and cons and are very different from each other. And both offer an excellent quality. You could totally have atleast one of each without worrying about the repetition in your collection. But if you own some of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks, you’d find these YSL ones very similar.

I would highly recommend these lipsticks.You would absolutely love using these. These are available in a wide range of colors. So there is something available for everyone.
Rating : 4/5
ysl rouge volupte shine packaging

ysl rouge volupte shine 9

ysl rouge volupte shine no 9

ysl rouge volupte shine orange perfecto 46

ysl rouge volupte shine orange perfecto

ysl rouge volupte shine pink in devotion 6

ysl rouge volupte shine pink in devotion

ysl rouge volupte shine lipsticks

Swatches : Pink devotion, orange perfecto, n*de in privateysl rouge volupte shine swatches

N*de, pink, orangeysl-shine

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17 thoughts on “YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick Orange Perfecto, N*de in Private, Pink Devotion Review, Swatch, FOTD

  1. All three lippies look beautiful, Pink devotion and orange perfecto looks beautiful on you??. My favourite is pink devotion.

  2. Your fotd of pink devotion is really cute. ‘I don’t quite like this shade’ kind of expression. 😀 But aw, all three look really beautiful on you. And oh, the Gorgeous packaging!

  3. Very beautiful pictures….loved that orange perfecto on you. This is a gorgeous summery shade. 🙂

  4. I was just thinking of this line today. MAC Transformed collection launched today with the New MAC Huggable lipsticks. I tried a couple of colours and was instantly reminded of the YSL Volute Shines. Honestly, i prefer non-transfering matte lipsticks. I may go for a creamy lipstick once in a while. But rarely a shine variant. The only shine variant i reach for are my YSL Volupte shine! I actually prefer them over the YSL Voluptes.You must try shade #19 – Fuchsia in Rage – its THE MOST GORGEOUS shade in this line!!

    1. i have phases . There are days I’d constantly wear matte lipsticks and then there are days I’d wear the creamy ones non stop. I’d check out the collection def. Yes I saw the color on you. looks absolutely stunner. very much on the lines of heroine. 🙂

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