YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Orange Impertinent Review

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Orange Impertinent

By Oindrila Chakrabarti

Honestly speaking, when it comes to YSL & it’s lipsticks, the only word shoots up in my head is, Love. It has to do a great great deal with the packaging ofcourse but like your head goes nuts around your crush, mine goes nuts & does some inexplicable things when I spot a YSL counter. To my parents’ greatest of lucks, there are only two in Kolkata.

So there was I, roaming around the Forum Courtyard, planning a MAC haul & obsessively trying not to eye the YSL counter from the corner of my eye. It took a great bit of self control to patrol round the floor, getting tidbits from MAC, Inglot, Clinique & just as we were about to leave, I just couldn’t.

“Daddy! I think I’d err swap my stuff.” Ignoring the looks he gave me, I walked straight across to the YSL lip bar & unceremoniously dumped the brushes & shadows I picked up from Mac. “I don’t want those,” sporting a huge grin on the face, to the bemused SA I said, “Think you could find me something orange?” That, dear ladies, is the little story behind purchasing this beauty.



INR 1900.

My Experience With YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Orange Impertinent No.16

It’s amazing. I own three more shades from this range & it’s the closest to Corail Incandescent (No.12) when it comes to the texture & formula. The best thing about it is that you’ll never need a lip balm underneath it or a gloss on top. The hydration lasts till the colour fades away in a pretty subtle fuschia tint. The pigmentation is although sheer & might need a few strokes to show up properly in deeply pigmented lips but point is, it does show up unlike most of the sheer shine lippies so. The colour is somewhere between red, orange & pink which makes it soooo gorgeous & more importantly, wearable. On my lips, it shows up more like a warm orange with pink undertones. Also, it does not contain any shimmer or glitter, which I personally dislike a fair bit.



Pros of YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Orange Impertinent

• Gorgeous daytime lipstick, ideal for Spring-Summer because corals & orange are in!
• Not too orangey. Wearable & likely to flatter any skintone from fair to warmer.
• Smells tropical and tastes fruity (I’m guessing mango) , which took me by great surprise & that’s a win-win for fellows like me who lick their lips about 5 times every half a second.
• Hands down, feet down, head down 10/5 for the packaging. Pretty, pretty, pretty.
• Buttery smooth application. Excellent hydration.



I love pairing corals with slightly ethnic chic. This is the look, a bit inspired by Alia Bhatt’s from 2 States fits the shade nicely. Hope you guys like it!


Cons of YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Orange Impertinent

• Pricey. You could own four Shine Caresse lippies instead.
• The staying power ain’t impressive. On my lips it stays for about 3 hours with full colour pay off.

Although the tint it leaves is quite pretty but it looks more pink than orange. Will not survive meals.

Would you recommend YSL Rouge Volupte Orange Impertinent?
Oh yes abhi! It’s so SS ’14, despite the price tag. I’m not complaining.

Have you tried Orange Impertinent from the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine range? Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below!

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21 thoughts on “YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Orange Impertinent Review

  1. Love how the shade looks on you I agree , you can own others a bit cheaper, But how does it make your teeth look like? does it make your teeth yellowish?

    1. Thank you rofl Um no, this one doesn’t make my teeth look yellowish whatsoever. *whistle* Rose in Tension does a bit though!

    1. Yes, although these shades are marked for Spring-Summer, these are pretty much go tos for me throughout the year! Corals make excellent daytime soft yet glam looks 😀

  2. Loved that shade on you *woot* *woot* and you have clicked great pics *happy dance* *happy dance* they looks sooo cute and glam *happy dance* *happy dance* amazing shade *happydance*

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