Yves Rocher Bronze Nature Tanning Spray

Yves Rocher Bronze Nature Tanning Spray

Hey Ladies,

Summer is coming and a lot of people are getting in a “tanning-rush” and want to get tanned as soon as possible. I am one of them. This article is about Yves Rocher bronze nature tanning spray.

Yves Rocher Bronze Nature Tanning Spray



As you can see, I used it quite often and I like the spray kind better than tanning lotion because I feel like the application is easier and cleaner. If you have ever used a tanning lotion or spray, you know that it smells weird. This tanning spray smells HORRIBLE!! But it reminds me of summer. The smell is very strong and stays on the skin.  I used to go tanning in the tanning bed and use this spray to look even darker. I noticed some streaks though on my elbow and I thought maybe I needed to moisturize my elbow first.


After using this spray, I noticed blotches everywhere. On my legs, arms, and face.  Back then though, I didn’t know anything about tanning products and that’s why I kept using this spray. I always blamed myself, maybe I didn’t apply it right or evenly.

It takes 3 hours to absorb, yes 3 hours!  I mean now that I think about it, my Dove Tanning Lotion takes minutes to dry and to be absorbed, but I literally had to wait for 3 hours till it dryed completely.

Luckily, it didn’t make me break out. With this spray, you have to be very careful because it can look very uneven easily. You have to make sure you blend it out very well.

tanning spray

Pros of Yves Rocher Bronze Nature Tanning Spray:

  • Easy to spray on the places you want to look tanned.

Cons of the Yves Rocher Bronze Nature Tanning Spray:

  • Too expensive.
  • Smells very strong.
  • Left uneven looking spots.
  • Takes 3 hours to get fully absorbed into the skin.

Last Word on Yves Rocher Bronze Nature Tanning Spray:

Total fail!! I am on a hunt to find the perfect tanning lotion or spray and if you have any suggestions, please let me know! My advice is to always make your researches before purchasing tanning products. Thank you ladies for reading!

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17 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Bronze Nature Tanning Spray

  1. Sahar..!!! you are probably the first Indian I have met who wants to get tanned… otherwise we Indians always seem to be scared of tanning!

    Good review.. and Sad.. I dunno about any tanning product as I am also dead scared of it! 😐

    1. i am actually not indian i am afghany BUT i just dont like when i look like a ghost -_- plus when i tann the scars on my body are somehow less visible 🙂

  2. I was having the same thoughts as Surabhi.. there’s more crave for detaning packs n gels rather than tanning products. For all those who are looking towards it, thnx for sharing Sahar, it’s a never to buy product !

  3. i second surabhi here…..nobody in India wants a tan….fair girls, at best, use bronzer to sculpt….but a tan is a forbidden word/ thing here….we are always trying to get rid of the tan we automatically get by living here…. I read about tanning beds and products some time back, even saw some tv shows about it, but….. 😐
    nice review though….;)

  4. Thanks for sharing, Sahar!! I don’t use tanning or lightening products but now I can warn my other friends who do!! Sukanya and Surabhi, we humans always love and aspire towards what we don’t have 🙂 I have very wavy hair and I crave it straight – my friends with straight hair envy my waves, and so on. But all you ladies here are beautiful and should always remember that xx

    1. Nandini.. what a co-incidence!

      I long for straight hair instead of my wavy manes.. while my friends are anytime ready to exchange theirs with mine!

      1. You too?? Haha we have something in common then 🙂 Sometimes when I style it properly I like my hair but in my latest LOTD here for example I hate how my hair looks. The slightest breeze and it looks untidy :/ so I used to crave straight hair but now am just looking for good hair products so I can keep it healthy.

  5. Seriously, Indians are obsessed with the fair skin.
    people go for skin lightening treatments and do what not to get a fair skin.

    i’m dusky, but i love my colour. my only dream is to have a clear bright skin 🙂

    1. That’s how it should be 🙂 healthy skin = happy skin and it shows. Plus if you exercise, eat right and are happy also it will show on your face. Nuffuuur once told me abt her derma who looks so young for his age and he said that the less you stress abt stuff the happier your skin will be and the younger it will look, and have a healthy glow. So in addition to products we should all try and follow these guidelines too 🙂

  6. I like tanning products for legs but havnt been able to find a good one yet. I have a tbs one but that tends to go patchy and all. :(( This one also sounds quite lame. i mean which product takes 3 hours to get absorbed.

  7. This sounds quite okay EXCEPT for the absorption time! Thanks for the review, Sahar! 🙂
    I love the look of tanned legs. Arms and face not so much!

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