Jordana Blush Powder – Bronze

Jordana Blush Powder – Bronze

Jordana Blush Powder Bronze

I am thoroughly satisfied because I have hoarded tonnes of Jordana blushes :yahoo: and now I am in a status to show you which ones to go for and which ones to ignore; which ones are the most pigmented and which ones are chalky; which ones are the best for our Indian skin tone and which ones look like pink and brown patchwork sometimes :stars:

blush for dark complexion

I have already reviewed one in Redwood and I am essentially reviewing the good ones first and then the bad ones, I suppose because I have been using these first for my love for them. Now, I must say that there are some four blushes in the whole range that are the most pigmented, smooth and very comparable to our very own smoothest blushes by Lakme :preen: (yes, try Lakme’s Ginger Surprise and you will see how soft and pigmented it is).

Jordana Cosmetics

By Jordana, there is one in Redwood, Blushing Rose, Terracotta, and Bronze that I found the most pigmented and smooth and others, err, you you can just leave them alone  :toothygrin:  The one I am reviewing today is an awesome, too-good-to-be-true blush and it suits the Indian skin tone with a soft tan already to the T.

This shade is a pretty soft bronze with gold shimmer and it blends so nicely just to give you a natural sun tan glow and enhances the complexion for a soft glow even during the day time. I am so impressed with this blush that I think I am going to get a back up of this :silly: and I think this one blush will suit duskier skin tones equally well.


This blush can be a great bronzer and eyeshadow too for a bronze look and I would say don’t go by the color and write it off as a bronzer. This shade makes for an excellent blush as well. Initially, I was apprehensive too about looking too bronzed with this one, but when I saw it on me, it looked so natural and just more like a highlighter to enhance skin tone with the advantage of bronzing and sculpting the face too.  Use it in the shape of a “3” on the sides of the face, temples, under the jaw and under the cheekbone and get a sculpted face :haanji:


sunkissed look

Last Word on Jordana Blush Powder – Bronze:

One of the most pigmented, buildable, blendable and soft blush-cum-bronzer. The shade is a soft bronze with gold shimmer, perhaps the most-suited bronzer for Indian skin tone.  Do not think it will add a lot of color to your face as it will not. You need very little and it blends beautifully for a soft glow for day or night, I totally love it. :heart:  Our own Lakme Absolute Bronzer and Highlighter have similar bronzer, but it is more stark, smooth, and more pigmented than this one.

IMBB Rating:

4.1 on 5

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  1. Neha you are so tempting with your joprdana blush reviews. The pigmentation is quite comparble to the ones used by professionals. Aweosmeooo!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. What should i say Neha u always come up with sumthing even more interesting than the previous one……. i think i shud try a jordana blush !! :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
    well on ankita’s blog u said tht u bought the avon valentine lipstick, how is the cherry red colour?? coz i want to order fr it….. hope u review it soon
    :thanks: fr sharing!!!

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