Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray

Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray

Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray

Product Description:

Made with the same top-quality ingredients found in heavy creams but applied via a fine, refreshing mist, Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray absorbs excess powder for a natural-looking finish–and rejuvenates skin. The moisturizing formula contains NAPCA, elastin, collagen, and sodium hyaluronate in a pure iodized water base.  MoistureZomes and MoistureMagnets supercharge skin for a radiantly smooth, less-lined appearance. Makeup stays fresh, lines fill, and flaking diminishes, leaving skin ultrasoft—with no greasy residue.

  • Adds moisture–without heavy oils.
  • Visibly softens lines, smoothes texture and evens makeup.
  • Sets makeup for long-lasting wear.
  • Moisture Zomes time-release liposomes Deliver hydration between skin cells.
  • Compatible with wet and dry foundations.
  • Over time, aids in evening skin tone.
  • Thins foundations for sheer coverage.
  • Conditions makeup brushes.
  • Refreshes skin during travel.

matte look

How To Use:

Apply directly to skin to boost hydration. Dampen cosmetic sponge before loading with makeup for smoother application. Spray finished makeup to absorb excess powder. Lightly spray brushes to condition during storage. Spray face and arms to refresh skin during travel or throughout the day!


Directions For Use:

To apply foundation smoothly, spray one or two spritzes onto a CS professional makeup sponge to slightly dampen, then dip sponge into makeup. To help set makeup after powdering, hold 10 to 12 inches from skin and spray to absorb excess setting powder. To refresh and revitalize skin, spray over face two or three times a day.



De-ionized Water, Sodium PCA, Sodium Hyaluronate, Cetrimonium Chloride, Collagen, Panthenol, Allantoin, Glycerine, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Imidazolidinyl Urea.


$7.5 for 59 ML ; it is also available in 1 oz non-aerosol spray, and 8 oz refill size.



Like most professional-use products, the packaging of this “Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray” is quite simple but functional. The product comes in an easy-to-use, plastic, spray dispenser bottle. I have carried this bottle with me on travel too, in my hand bag, and it takes up very little space and doesn’t leak out.


My Verdict on Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray:

I saw one Youtube video where a makeup artist used this as a final finishing touch on her client’s face.  Personally, I prefer to use it for blending in my foundations and it does a pretty good job. I dot my foundation, spritz this all over my face and my foundation blends in smoothly, easily and quickly. This is a must-use for me when I am applying a cream foundation. If you have a foundation which has very thin consistency (like MUFE HD foundation), which seeps into the skin before you can blend it properly :D, then this could really ease out the blending in part.

When I use this over my compact or powder foundation, it gives a beautiful, light dewy finish. I have a foundation which gets a little cakey, but when I use it in combination with this, it looks much better.

Now, one can also use a rose water/toner to spritz on the face for blending in base makeup, but I feel rose water makes my face greasy after a while and I always buy good-quality toners; which are expensive and I don’t feel like using them like this.

It also takes cares of my dry patches in winters and instantly refreshes the skin.  It hydrates the skin lightly and does not make it greasy or oily at all.

I like the fact that this is a clear liquid which feels light on the skin and does not contain any fragrance or alcohol. Even if it gets into my eyes accidentally, it does not sting.

The ingredients list shows that it has components like collagen, glycerine which are good for the skin. Since the last few weeks, my dermatologist has put me on anti-acne gels, which have led to so much dryness on my face. I can easily use this these days when I cannot use my regular moisturiser/face cream.

I have also used it as a makeup fix and it does a decent job of setting and holding makeup, but I find my Mehron Barrier Spray is better for makeup fixing and sealing.

Overall, I like this product a lot and I won’t mind ordering another one of this when I am done with the current bottle.

Pros of Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray:

  • Feels lightweight on the skin.
  • Hydrates the skin lightly.
  • Helps in blending in the foundation.
  • Great for dry patches.
  • Suits my sensitive combination skin.
  • Gives a light, dewy finish to makeup.
  • Refreshes the face instantly.
  • Does not make my face oily/greasy.
  • Comes in a convenient-to-use spray dispenser bottle.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Does not contain alcohol.
  • Contains no fragrance.

Cons of Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray:

  • It does not hold and seal the makeup really well, does just an okay job.
  • I need to order this online (and pay shipping) as I doubt if its available easily in India.

IMBB Rating:

4 on 5 :-* :-* :-* :-*

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    1. Thanks Gurpreet 🙂
      Waise Routine mei I avoid full makeup, i use a Tinted moisturiser, light blush and colored eye liners and spray either this or La roche Posay moisture spray 🙂
      Only for special occassions when i want my makeup to last longer, i use a primer first then a foundation then do som eye makeup and finish of with Mehron Barrier spray 🙂

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  6. I’ve been using rose water spray, for all the purposes u mentioned here…but like u said, them gettin a tad greasy, same issue here! this sounds amazing! Awesome review :yes: :yes: :yes: makes me wanna get it ASAP!

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