Zoeva Good Karma Graphic Eyes+ Review

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So, I thought I might just throw in some Good Karma for good measure 😉 Pun totally intended! I have come today with the review of another fabulous eye pencil by Zoeva. The product is called Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Good Karma Eye Pencil. Let’s see how this one fares.

Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Good Karma Eye Pencil Review2


INR 472 for 1.2 gm.


Get gorgeous statement eyes with this ultra smooth and waterproof eye liner which is a mermaid teal green with gold colored fine glitter. The Graphic Eyes+ Collection combines the smoothness of a liquid liner with the ease of application of a traditional pen without compromising in quality or makeup result.

The powerful pigmented liners are free of fragrance and parabens. Once dry, they are designed to give you a super long wear and waterproof finish – no matter how busy your day is. Dive into a broad range of must have shades that deliver true, rich and intense color. Dermatologically approved. Free of parabens and formaldehyde.

My Experience with Zoeva Good Karma Graphic Eyes+:

Oh, it really is ‘good karma’ to have this fabulous, amazing and all the good things eye pencil!! Like all the Zoeva pencils, this too has a soft buttery consistency. But, this shade in particular goes beyond all others in its softness. It almost has a liquid feel to it and hence, is the easiest to blend with…again only for 40 seconds after application.After this time, it settles and stays put until the time it is removed using a makeup remover.

Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Good Karma Eye Pencil Review1

Now, this shade deserves special mention. Imagine lush, fresh rain showers in a forest…now keep that as the base. To this emerald green add a generous shower of fine gold silver sparkle…so fine that it almost becomes sheen. This is exactly how I would describe this shade. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I feel it is a very glamorous shade and would work beautifully especially with Indian wear.

Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Good Karma Eye Pencil Review4

The pencil glides on smoothly and you cannot feel the glitter particles at all. I feel these eye pencils are outstanding both quality wise, pigmentation wise and payoff wise…and staying power IMHO is absolutely unparalleled.

Beyond value for money ,truly!

Zoeva Graphic Eyes + Good Karma Eye Pencil Review

Pros of Zoeva Good Karma Graphic Eyes+:

• Beautiful shade having an emerald green base with golden glitter.
• There is no glitter fallout.
• Glitter particles are soft .
• Intensely pigmented.
• Great color payoff.
• Sets and does not smudge at all.
• Opthalomologically tested.
• Free from formaldehyde.

Cons of Zoeva Good Karma Graphic Eyes+:

• Can’t think of any!

IMBB Rating:


Final Verdict:

It’s an amazing eye pencil and a must have green for ethnic wear. I would highly recommend this one and repurchase when it gets over!!

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    1. yes Blue Lotus is also quite nice…but I am quite possessive about all these pencils…what if Good Karma hears you and feels J 😛

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