10 Best Hair Care Products For Curly Hair

In an attempt to tame and rule over my curly hair, I have gone through umpteen curly hair sites and read 100s of product reviews by curly haired girls across the globe. The following are the products that have got the majority of votes worldwide.

10 Best Hair Care Products For Curly Hair

1. Best Shampoo – DevaCurl No Poo:
Won hearts because it doesn’t strip your hair’s moisture like traditional shampoos, but rather gently cleans your hair without removing your hair’s natural oils.

2. Best Conditioner – Aveda Be Curly Conditioner:
Won hearts because it enhances curl, combats frizz and boosts shine on curly or wavy hair.

3. Best deep Conditioner – Kerastase Nutritive Masquintense Conditioner:
Won hearts because it deeply penetrates the fiber with nourishment.

4. Best treatment – Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner:
Won hearts because it is a fast and simple fix to dry, damaged hair.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

5. Best Oil – John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Enhancing Oil:
Won hearts because despite being oil based, it is a very lightweight product, eliminates frizz but keeps curls soft and bouncy.

6. Best Gel – Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie:
Won hearts because it provides a more natural, touchable look unlike the crunch given by usual gels.

7. Best Curl Cream – Moroccan oil Intense Curl Cream:
Won hearts because it defines and hydrates curls while providing nourishment and doesn’t crunch or dry out curls.

8. Best Mousse – Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse:
Won hearts because it’s very moisturizing, eliminates frizz and helps curls retain shape.

Beautiful curly hair

9. Best Leave-in – Kinky Curly Knot Today Conditioner:
Won hearts because it smoothens cuticles and detangles even the toughest of knots.

10. Best Spray – Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist:
Won hearts because it awakens soft waves and tame hyperactive curls and is perfect for revivals.

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  2. Thanks everybody 🙂
    Megha, as Jomol said these products are available online. You may have to pay a hefty shipping fee because they are international sites though.

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