5 Habits For Healthy Living


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This is my first article I am writing in IMBB as well as in my life I have started with some good and mandatory things which we girls/women need to follow in our day to day life to maintain our physique, fitness and stamina. Hope you all like it.

Women and nature are always metaphoric. Nature gives us vast ingredients which we get it very much from our kitchen to our garden. Here I would let you know few rules which we need to follow to maintain our beauty and physique with little bit of care.

These are 5 rules which I follow every day. It works for me. Hope it works to you all as well.

Rule 1:
Early morning as soon as you get up eat fresh fruits within half an hour. The reason being that our body’s metabolism rate is very high when the sun rises and few fruits have high calorie, fructose and glucose levels which will be absorbed easily by our body in the morning hours. This has an additional benefit to our skin as well. Just follow this for a week and your friends and colleagues would ask you about your glowing skin.  NEVER EAT A FRUIT DURING NOON OR NIGHT. The fructose will be converted to sugar if eaten on a heavy stomach and in turn becomes fat. ALWAYS EAT ALL SEASONAL FRUITS.


Rule 2:
If you have the habit of working out during morning hours (any form of work out like aerobics, gym, dance, yoga, jogging or walking) then skip eating fruit as soon as you get up and have 1 or 2 glass of water before workout. But after any sort of work out we need to have high protein and carbohydrates rich foods. This should be taken immediately within 10 minutes of finishing workout. It may be protein bars, dry fruits, fresh fruits, brown bread (wheat bread), eggs etc.


Rule 3:


Have one tablespoon of Flax seeds in the afternoon before having your lunch. Flax seeds are rich in omega 3 and it is very useful in maintaining the health of our heart and it checks cholesterol as well. Another secret is it is a key to younger looking skin . The natural oil present in flax seeds helps in removing wrinkles and adds up glow to the skin. These are very easily available in any of the food store and it comes very economical as well . 🙂

Rule 4:


Drink one glass of warm water with half lemon juice early morning as soon as you get up before having your fruits. This helps in removing the impurities from our systems and as our body gets cleansed internally it shows up on our skin as well. If you don’t end up with puking sensation then you can add one tablespoon of honey to it to add extra glow to the skin. Bonus offer of this regime is that it helps in melting our fat deposits and yippee resulting in weight loss!!!!!!

Rule 5:


This almost everybody would know but still I am emphasizing. Drink around 3 to 4 liters of water daily. Also try to have at least 2 to 3 cups of green tea by replacing coffee/tea. This helps in keeping your body and skin hydrated always.
These are very few things which we tend to neglect and these regimes need very little amount of time from our end. Hope you all will be benefitted by this.

Last word: To maintain beauty and to look beautiful from inside we always should have patience and follow few simple steps in a long run. Steps may be simple but the dividends would be great


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    1. same here Sudha..i usually eat a fruit after dinner 🙁
      Thanks Vani for these tips.. :thanks:
      and welcome to IMBB :handshake:

  1. :waytogo: :yes: on rule no.4,,i’ve been doing this for about 5 months now..and i’ve never regret doing this… :yahoo: it do good to my skin :star: :star: :star: i have no pimple trouble plus a gives glow to my skin :yahoo: :yahoo: So. :thanks: :pompom: :pompom:

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