10 Mascara Hacks for Perfect Lashes

Hey girls,
Mascara opens up the eyes and makes a huge difference to your whole face. Ever needed a few tips and tricks about mascara? Well, I’ve got a few of them here and I’m ready to share!

10 Mascara Hacks for Perfect Lashes

1. Light layering is the key
You don’t want clumpy or spider lashes. When it comes to mascara, less is more and the thinner the better! Apply three or four thin coats. It’ll look more alluring and natural-looking compared to clumpy lashes.

wide eyes2. Widen them
Want to widen your eyes and bring more attention to the curved edges? Concentrate applying mascara on the outside of the eye, it’ll make your lashes appear more alluring.

3. Give a lift to droopy eyes
Use less mascara on your lower lashes; this will allow you eyes to naturally ‘lift’. Too much on your lower lashes can weigh down the lower lashes, making the eyes look droopy.

4. Use a mirror
Want to apply your mascara easily? Look down into the mirror and brush through your lashes from roots to tips, first on top lashes and then on the lower lashes. This will also avoid the dreaded brush hitting the eyelid.

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5. One coat at a time
Apply a coat of mascara and give it a few seconds to dry before applying another coat. You might even only need one coat of mascara; this way, you can avoid clogging and clumpy lashes.

petroleum jelly6. Lubricated lashes
Rub a little Vaseline, baby oil or eyelash conditioner into your lashes overnight. This is going to help keep your lashes conditioned and the mascara application will be very smooth. You can use a clean mascara wand too for application.

7. Warm the tube
Don’t you just hate thick mascara? If your mascara thickens, grab the bottle and leave it in a cup of warm water for a few minutes. The mascara will magically become thinner.
warm the mascara

8. Avoid the pumping
Simply make an in-and-out movement with the wand when using mascara. Pumping the wand inside the tube endlessly could introduce air into the tube and make the mascara dry and flaky.

9. Be still
Don’t be tempted to apply mascara on-the-go; it’s a horrible idea in any situation at all. It’s dangerous and you could really hurt your eyes. Steady your hand and you’ll be able to make an even job of it.

toothbrush10. Declumping by combing
Haven’t got a spooley brush on hand? No worries! Get a clean toothbrush and comb it through your lashes from roots to tips.

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