7 Effective Ways to Use Old Mascara Wands

One of the things that every girl is obsessed is mascara! There is no doubt that mascara helps to enhance your lashes but at the same time there is no denying fact that mascara get’s expired within few months and you need to dumb it in a dustbin. Now, the most important thing is you should never throw away the mascara wand. Actually, I should say it is a secret to various beauty tricks and you can master it without any extra efforts! If you have been throwing mascara wands till now, you need to know these effective ways to use old mascara wands.

mascara wand

1. Brush your eyebrows:

brushing eyebrows

Once your mascara is expired you should throw the bottle and sanitize your mascara wand! Now, this mascara wand can be used as an eyebrow brush once you are done with your makeup. Using mascara wands over your eyebrow helps to enhance their look as well as helps to make them look fuller. You can apply some brown powder over your brows and then comb it with mascara wand. This will help your eyebrows to look more attractive and well groomed.

2. Helps to exfoliate your lips:

Exfoliate lips

Not only your skin, but exfoliating your lips is extremely important in order to get rid of dead and flaky skin. You can make your own sugar scrub and then exfoliate it with the help of mascara wand. If not scrub, you can apply some Vaseline over lips and then move your mascara wand left and right and vice versa.

3. Hydrating eyelashes:

hydrating lashes

Applying eyelashes and hydrating lashes differs from each other! You should never apply mascara with your old mascara wand unless you have no other option. Take some Vaseline and then apply on your eyelashes. This will help to hydrate them as well helps to give you thicker and fuller eyelashes.

4. Clean your nails:


You can effectively clean your nails using an old mascara wand! You can simply apply some coconut oil and then clean with the help of old mascara wand. If you want to get rid of pale nail, you can simply brighten up using lemon. Apply some lemon juice over clean and clean it with the help of mascara wand. This will leave your nail healthy as well as beautiful.

5. Clean your jewellery:

cleaning jewellery

Sanitized mascara wand can help to clean your jewellery! For me, I actually use toothbrush to clean the jewellery but them you can even use mascara wands to clean the jewellery. If you’re trying to clean small pieces of jewellery, reach for a spare mascara wand.

6. Apply highlights:

root touch up

Old wands are perfect to apply highlights, or if you’re trying to achieve subtle highlights or a light ombre. You should use the old mascara wand instead of using a brush that comes with the colouring kit! Mascara wands make it easy to each the corners and hard to reach areas.

7. Nail art:

nail art

You can surely use your old mascara wands to do some beautiful nail arts. It actually helps to create a cool brushed effect and gives a wonderful appearance as well! Instead of using cotton swabs or anything else for nail art, you can always prefer using the old mascara wand.

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