8 Most Amazing Makeup Hacks That Blew Up the Internet in 2015!


It’s so hard to believe that 2015 is soon going to wave us goodbye. I had learned new makeup tricks in 2015. Are you going to have any makeup resolutions in 2016 like mastering the winged eyeliner or classic black smokey eyes? My resolution would be to use all the products I buy. Anyways, getting back to the topic, don’t we all love makeup hacks to save time as well as to learn something new. But just like fashion trends, hacks come and go and only the best ones stay forever. In 2015, some hacks ruled the internet world and I’ll share the most popular ones in this post.

8 Most Amazing Make up Hacks That Blew Up the Internet in 2015!

1) Make your skin look like, well, skin!
This makeup hack is made popular by the very well known makeup artist Wayne Goss. His foundation trick will remove all the traces of foundation from your face. He swears that this trick will give you an amazing natural finish but at the same time give you required coverage that you want. For that all you need is just one drop of almond or Jojoba oil. Use one drop of any of these oils with your liquid foundation or crème foundation. Mix them together and apply either using brush or your fingers. This combination will change the texture of your foundation. You may use any oil from your choice of brand except lavender oil and also this hack doesn’t work with powder or mineral foundation. With this hack, your makeup will not look made up!

2) Using mascara as eyeliner:
The first thing we try to pack before a trip is our makeup products but still after reaching our destination we find one or two items missing from our bag. Do not panic if, you do not find your eyeliner inside your makeup pouch. You can use your mascara. You will find the product at the tip of the mascara wand. Dip your eyeliner brush at the tip of the mascara wand and apply it on your eye lid as a liquid liner and the good thing is if your mascara is waterproof then you get waterproof eye liner. Easy, right?

3) Emergence of triangle:
8 Most Amazing Make up Hacks That Blew Up the Internet in 2015-concealer

I am talking about the application of concealer underneath the eyes. We all know that concealer plays an important role in hiding our dark circles but in 2015 we got to know the correct way of applying concealer under the eye. And the correct technique is to draw a triangle instead of half moon and then blend it. The triangle shape is to achieve the desirable natural finish.

4) Long-lasting lipstick hack:
No matter how much money we spend on a good lipstick, it does not stay for more than 4 hours. Also, on busy days we do not get time for even touchups. With this hack, you can skip reapplication of the lipstick all day even after eating and drinking. For this you have to apply lipstick, then place a thin peace of tissue over your lips and then dab some translucent powder on the tissue paper. This trick will make your lipstick stay longer.

5) Red lipstick as concealer?
This is the most controversial hack of 2015. Some agree and half of the internet population is against this hack. The trick is to use red lipstick to cover heavy dark circles or other blemishes on face. Use any dark red orangish lipstick underneath your eyes and on other problem areas using a brush. Blend it properly. Now again, apply your usual concealer. This hack is most suitable for Indian skin tone.

6) Baking or cooking your face:
8 Most Amazing Make up Hacks That Blew Up the Internet in 2015-baking

Don’t worry! You don’t need any utensils for cooking. Your face will do it for you. Kim Kardashian and other celebrities follow this technique to look flawless on screen. Start with your normal makeup routine of applying primer and foundation. When it’s done, take the concealer and draw triangle under your eyes. Add 2-3 layers of concealer even if you don’t need that much coverage. Do not blend it completely. Just slightly brush off any hard edges. Apply generous amount of loose powder over the concealer and wait for at least 10 minutes to get it cooked naturally by your facial heat. After it is cooked dust off the excess products with the help of a brush. This technique of cooking or baking hides any visible lines on face and gives a creaseless finish. Baking is perfect for those who work under heavy lights which melt all the products.

7) Ómbre lips:
Ómbre lips will give you fuller lips like Kylie Jenner minus the injections. There is no thumb rule for this technique. You can experiment with two to three colors of your choice rather than using just one lipstick. One of the basic techniques is to apply the lighter shade on the inner lips followed by one shade darker at the corners. Then dab concealer at the center of your lips and finish it with lightly dabbing a lip gloss.

8) Fixing broken makeup products:
8 Most Amazing Make up Hacks That Blew Up the Internet in 2015-broken

This hack can fix your broken compacts or eye shadows. You will need rubbing alcohol that is used in cosmetics and a medicine dropper. Take the broken product and break it completely to powder form. Now with the help of a medicine dropper, take 2-3 drops of alcohol and drop on the product. Let it dry and you’re ready to use a brand new product!

Do you know any other beauty hacks that became popular in 2015? Do share with us.

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