10 Signs that Your Skin is Ageing Super Fast

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We all will age and our skin will get wrinkles at some point of our life. But, having aged skin at around 25 is not normal and expected at all. Often our lifestyle, pollution, eating habits and health issues make our skin look more aged than we actually are. If that is the case with you, it is time to act fast. Here are 10 signs that will tell you that your skin is ageing prematurely. Read the signs and as needed get into action.

10 Signs that Your Skin is Ageing Super Fast

1. Super Dry Skin

If your oily skin suddenly start feeling dry, there is nothing to be happy about it. Dry skin is a sign of ageing and you must take actions if this happens. As your skin age, the protective top layer of skin is damaged and the moisture is lost, leaving the skin dry which leads to further damages.

2. Sun Spots

Woman face with half sunburn and half sunscreen, beautiful girl of half latina and half asian

Even when you are using the best sunscreens, sun damage happens and it is irreversible. But, the signs start showing up when your skin starts ageing. When you start seeing the brownish sun spots all over the face, it is time to buy anti-ageing products for your skin.

3. Wrinkles

“Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same.”- This is something that you can definitely say about the wrinkles. Wrinkles are the most evident sign of ageing and they appear as early sign of ageing.

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4. Crow’s Feet

crow's feet (1)

This is another kind of wrinkle that appears around the eyes. As the skin becomes thin and looses elasticity, the crow’s feet start appearing.

5. Dehydrated Skin

Ageing skin not only loses the moisture but also the ability to retain water. Thus the skin starts feeling dehydrated. This is something that the regular moisturizers cannot fix. When this problems starts, it indicates that your skin is ageing and it needs hydrating components to maintain the balance.

6. Dull Skin

Young beautiful woman with dry irritated skin.

As your skin ages, it loses the dewy, soft glow. Hormonal changes in the body, loss of moisture and hydration and thinning of the skin results in the dullness. The skin looks less radiant and less youthful due to this.

7. Uneven Rough Patch

This is not just the problem that appears on the face but also all over the body. The skin becomes rough and patchy. You start seeing uneven skin tone and that is not a pleasant sight at all. This happens because the dry, thinning, ageing skin tries to protect itself by piling on the dead cells instead of shedding them.

8. Thin Lips

Perfect Lips.Neck chin cheeks. Sexy Girl Mouth close up.

Lose of collagen also makes the lip area thin. The lips may look deflated and fine lines appear on the lips too.

9. Sagging Cheek

If you are not a celeb going for botox treatments regularly, your sagging cheeks will indicate skin-ageing. This happens as the fat layers in our cheeks thin out and loses volume. The cheek suddenly starts looking hollow and the skin looks loose.

10. Puffy, Dark Eyes


The skin around the eye area is very delicate and prone to damage fast. Signs of ageing appear fast around this area. Heavy eyelid, puffy eyes and dark circles indicate that the skin is ageing fast. This happens as the skin around the eye retains fluid.

The skin may start ageing prematurely due to our fast lifestyle and stress. It is important to take proper care of the skin from the very beginning to prevent the damage. Also taking anti-ageing precautions once you reach 25 can help you to keep the ageing problem away for longer.

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