10 Tips to Make the Most out of your Lotion

10 Tips to Make the Most out of your Lotion

Imagine this – you’re at a meeting, where the most exciting things beings discussed are projected annual turnover and the estimated market share of a new product line diversification. And suddenly, you are seized with the intense desire to scratch that itchy patch on your leg that has been bothering you since yesterday. And obviously it wouldn’t look very lady-like to scurry below the table and scratch away through your pants. But you really really want to, and that’s all you can think about, even when you’re called on to voice your opinion on the proposed changes in company policy regarding restroom signs.
10 tips lotion skin
I am sure that nearly every one of us reading this article has, at some time or the other, been frustrated with the way the skin on our body is (read arms and legs). I know I have been! I have had my fair share of dry skin, itchy patches, greasy skin (with too much lotion on) and scaly skin, especially on my legs. My arms haven’t really been much of a problem though. I’ve tried, over the years, to eliminate my dry skin, make my legs smooth and soft, having to battle with weather changes etc. And just when I had learnt how to manage in an air conditioned environment, I had to switch to a non-air conditioned one!
So yeah, you can call me ‘experienced’, at least where lotion is concerned! 😀

I’ve finally learnt a few tips how to keep all these nasties at bay, and to have wonderfully soft skin (for the most part), all year round! Read on…

1. Listen NOT to your nose:

Maybe Lotion X smells of pizza and cranberry jelly. And Lotion Y smells of aloe vera. Based purely on smell, I would go for the former. Hands down. But if Lotion Y make my skin silky smooth and Lotion X made it break out in red bumps, I obviously would choose the Y. Even if I had some rare condition where I would sprout magical hair down to my waist if I inhaled any percentage of pizza and cranberry fragrance. When you look for a lotion, your major points to look out for should be the lasting power, the greasiness factor, how your skin reacts to it, how moisturizing it is and the ingredients it contains.

2. Don’t use too much. Or too little:

Many times, we find that a lotion is too greasy, or not moisturizing enough, and that ends up being reason for a lot of unused and still full bottles left lying around the house. In that case, don’t just write it off as a lost cause. Try using a little less the next time, or try using a bit more. Also, keep in mind that different lotions need to be used in different quantities. Some lotions are richer than others, and you may need to use less of them than the others. Then there are those lotions that are very light, yet very small quantities suffice. You need to find that perfect amount of lotion that will give you the best results you can get with that certain lotion. Of course, not all lotions work well, and I’m not saying that every lotion out there does have a magical precise quantity that will make it work. However, if you find many people raving about a certain lotion you find does nothing for your skin, you might want to try using varying quantities. Since you’ve bought it anyway. 😛

3. Look at that weather forecast:

Take a minute to look out of that window. Is the sun shining in all its glory, blazing away every bit of niceness on the ground? Then you need to use something light, yet moisturizing. Save the thick lotions and body butters for winter months. Although it might be tempting, if you have intensely dry skin, to slather on something thick even in the summer, it won’t help your skin in any way. You must use something in accordance with the weather. More moisture in winter, less in summer.

4. Steam it up. On second thoughts, don’t:

Avoid hot showers. They only serve to dry your skin out further, thus necessitating the use of even more lotion. Use lukewarm water, and don’t stay in the water for too long. If you absolutely must take long baths, add some moisturizing oils to the water and relax away!

5. Apply lotion on damp skin:

Always apply lotion on damp skin. Not wet skin, damp skin. It absorbs into the skin much better, and it really makes your lotion work that much better. After a shower or a bath is the best time to apply lotion. I’ve noticed that my skin is smoother and remains hydrated for longer when I apply my lotion right after a shower rather than randomly during the day.
apply lotion

6. Exfoliate first!

To get best use out of your lotion, exfoliate first. Use a gentle yet effective scrub to slough away all that dead skin on your legs and arms, and then apply tiny amounts of lotion all over. There are fantastic body scrubbers and loofahs available. Avoid using pumice stones on your arms and legs, as there is the tendency to rub too hard. You’ll definitely notice a difference within a few times of doing it, and you’ll be saying hello to smooth and soft extremities very soon.

7. Choose according to your needs:

If you travel a long way to work and you get sweaty and dirty on your way, it would be wise to opt for a non-sticky lotion, so that less dust gets stuck to your skin on the way. If you are going by private transport, you can well afford to use something richer and slightly more greasy, because you won’t be getting dirt all over yourself anyway. If you work in an air conditioned office, you can use richer lotion, because you really can do with all that extra moisture.

8. Customize:

You can use your lotions like a base and make your own blends. For instance, you can make your own perfumed lotion by using unscented lotion as a base (Vaseline makes an okay one) and adding in your own essential oils. Or, you could make a lotion that’s too light for you richer by adding in some sweet almond oil. Just use your imagination, and I bet you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with!

9. Don’t rush!

When you are in a hurry, whether it is because you woke up late, or have an early meeting to get to, or just because something unexpected came up, you tend to do things improperly. The same goes with lotion. Of course, if something is unprecedented, you can’t do much about it. However, if getting up late every day is something you do, try getting up a bit earlier and make time for yourself and your legs and arms. They will thank you!

10. Be consistent:

One very important tip that most of us forget – be regular with your use of lotion. Using lotion once a week won’t help much in reducing dry skin on your arms or making your legs soft and smooth. However, use a bit every night, before bed time, and you will see the results in as soon as two weeks. Put some on every morning, if possible, and see how your skin turns out!
office routine
I really hope these tips work for you, and get you the soft skin you’ve always wanted. In a nutshell, choose the right lotion, use it the right way, and use it often. For some reason, I seem to have to include pizza in lotion and sanitizer reviews… 😛

Take care!

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42 thoughts on “10 Tips to Make the Most out of your Lotion

  1. Wowy Samantha! good points mentioned
    I personally add drops of sweet almond oil to my FabIndia aloe/Avon rose moisturiser and the effect is smooth and silky feeling on my arms and legs

    1. Thank you, Ashu 🙂 I do the almond oil thing too – I use Roghan Badam Shirin. It makes my skin silky smooth too 😀

  2. wonderful tips. lotion to damp skin tip is pretty cool. wasnt aware. which fragrance according to you lasts the longest? any preferences?

    1. Aru, I found that my Avon rose lotion’s fragrance lingers for quite a while. and its pleasant rose fragrance..neither too strong nor too sweet.

    2. Thank you, Aru 🙂
      Most BBW lotions have a fragrance that lasts pretty long. The Dove Green Tea and Cucumber one also lasts better than the others I’ve tried (available in India).
      Vicotira Secret’s Champagne and Strawberry one has a pretty long-lasting fragrance also.

  3. All the tips are just superb… That’s a great writeup!! I follow the application of lotion on damp skin.. And even if my skin has dried up i just spritz some rose water and then apply lotion when the skin is still damp… Way to go.. 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you, Nandini 😀 Glad you found these useful. My office isn’t airconditioned either.That makes me happy in the monsoons, and sad in the summers. Oh well 🙁

  4. Great article! I follow all the points but dint know about the adding of essential oils part! time to buy Sweet Almond oil! thanks for the tip!

    1. Thank you, Ila 🙂 Mix your essential oil of choice with a little bit of a carrier oil, then mix the whole thing with any unscented or mildly scented lotion. Works really well.
      For the sweet alomnd oil, the best one I’ve used is the Roghan Badam Shirin.

  5. Great tips.. I always use lotion on damp skin.. TBS makes THE best lotions ever.. N thr is something for everyone 😀
    i like the idea of adding essential oils to lotions and customising ur own lotion.. Thanks samantha 😀

  6. Very nicely written Samantha. 🙂 I am motivated to use them everyday now. 🙂 I usually skip bodylotion most of the times. :/

  7. Awesome article 🙂 it’s as if u wrote this for me 😀 ..i’m gonna be more regular with my body lotion and try not to rush… And this part is so hilarious “Maybe Lotion X smells of pizza and cranberry jelly.” hahahaha

    1. Thank you, Shanaiia 🙂 I, too, used to be like that, a long time ago – I would use lotion for 2 weeks straight, and then forget about it completely. After a few months, I would remember again, and the cycle went on 😛
      Now, I use it everyday, unless of course I’m so tired that I’m asleep the second my face hits the pillow. 🙂

  8. Great post, Samantha! The idea of customising a lotion is pretty cool. I am going to try it with essential oils. 😀

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