7 Tips to Look Fresh All the Time

7 Tips to Look Fresh All the Time

Haven’t we all seen those few people who manage to look fresh all the time? You know the people I’m talking about – the ones who always look like they’ve just taken a shower, the ones who look like they’re ready to do anything and the ones who always have a smile ready on their faces and just seem to be emanating cheer and goodwill all around. Hmm, need an example? Among celebrities, I find Preity Zinta to have an eternally-fresh look. Now you get it don’t you?

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Well, maintaining that kind of a look is not easy, and when you live in India, there are added challenges:

1. The climate – extreme heat/humidity/monsoons
2. The people you meet everyday – irate auto drivers, roadside cat callers, rude bus conductors, crowded trains, angry train auntys, absconding bais, corrupt babus
3. Things that can really test your patience – long queues, long power cuts, hartals,….ok this could take really long ☺


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Well, that does sound disheartening, but we won’t give up that easily, will we?? Here are some tips to keep that fressshhh look all day long, no matter what:

1. Attitude – Take a deep breath and just let go of all the negativity. If you know you’ll be meeting people who’re going to test your patience, prepare for it before hand. Try listening to an inspiring song soon as you wake up. E.g. ‘Defying Gravity’ by Idina Menzel. That should take care of the smile for the day 🙂


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2. Sleep – You need your 7-8 hours of sleep every night. It recharges your skin , your body, your mind, everything. This forms the base for everything to come. If your sleep has been compromised on, then it’ll affect everything else.


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3. Exercise – Breaking into a sweat really releases those endorphins. It also gets your energy levels up and brings a wonderful glow to your face. Lift weights, stretch, run – anything that gets you raring to go!!


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4. Body Care – After that workout comes a cool shower with a really refreshing shower gel and great shampoo. Ah!! That should put a spring in your step and the bounce in your hair. Spritz on a cheerful perfume. Don’t forget to stand tall!


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5. Food – Avoid sugary, high fat, oily and spicy food. Eat only to fill one thirds of your stomach, leave one third for water and the rest empty. You’ll never feel lethargic and you’ll be ready to take on the world!!


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6. Skin Care – Make sure you use the right type of cleanser, toner and moisturizer for your skin type. And like Baz Luhrmann said, don’t forget the sunscreen!! Now that’s for your long term freshness ☺. Try to minimize the warpaint and opt for a tinted moisturizer, some kajal and a bright lippy. There you go, beautiful!!


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7. Stay prepared – The steps mentioned above will give you a headstart to staying fresh, but a girl does need a little help along the way. Keep the following in your bag at ALL times:
a. Wet wipes and dry tissues
b. Facial spray (preferably rose water, does wonders to freshen you up)
c. Breath freshener
d. Travel size deodorant
e. Small tub of moisturizer – can be used as hair cream, hand cream, you name it and it’ll do it!
f. Comb
g. Compact – combats oiliness and keeps you freessshhhhh!!
h. Hairpins, Safety pins and Sanitary Napkins – real lifesavers!!

So there you go!!! One last thing to add – a beautiful smile!! Go ahead and make that an ear to ear grin. Now nothing can stop you from looking like as fresh as a daisy, all day!!

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25 thoughts on “7 Tips to Look Fresh All the Time

  1. so right!! love the article…… :yahoo: it’s quite inspirational…..wish there were more than 24 hours in a day to fit everything in like exercise & proper sleep….l 😥

  2. totally love dthe article, fabida. but honestly i would like to agree with what monika is saying. 🙁 I wish one day i have a life when all i am doing is eating, sleeping, travelling, shopping and taking care of my body. :shying:

  3. Awww…thank you guys soooo much for the comments!!! :thanks:

    @Dee and Aruna – Yup, attitude makes all the difference!!

    @Monika and Rati – I know!!! A whole day for pure, unadulterated self love – nothing better to recharge your batteries and make you feel like the princess you are!!! :mirror:

  4. Very good tips Fabida, thanks. :)) It’s all about attitude and taking good care of oneself. :)) I know I want to look fresh all the time. :toothygrin:

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