12 Makeup Tips to Ace Your Diwali Looks

Ditch the thought of arranging stuff for your Diwali preparations for a while. It is even more important to look groomed and gorgeous for your Diwali bash. It is self-explanatory that one will mostly stick to traditional ensembles during this time and so, the makeup has to be at par with the ensemble you wear. This article is basically about the essential makeup tips for Diwali that will make you shine as bright as the Diwali diyas. Just keep reading to know how.


1. Perfect Your Base Makeup:

If you want to be the stunner in any party, your base makeup plays the upper hand undoubtedly. Set the base of your face with a good primer. If you have dry skin, then do apply a moisturizer. That gives a smooth base for other face products to layer up easily. Use a good quality primer and a good foundation for a good base. If you already have good skin conditions and even skin tone, you may skip the foundation. Instead, mix some BB cream for a glowing natural finish. Go for full coverage foundations if you desire to look flawless. The choice of finish whether to keep it matte or dewy is up to you.

2. Mix Skin Illuminator with Your Foundation:

This is an easy hack to get instantly radiant and illuminated skin. If you want to flaunt a pearly glow, skin illuminators are the best option. They can be mixed with your foundation post applying the skin primer and then blended for an even finish. Since the occasion is of Diwali, mix some gold-based skin illuminator to get golden on the face.

3. Concealing is the Key:

To ace your Diwali looks, you have to conceal all your skin imperfections. Very few women have picture perfect skin and this necessitates the need of a concealer. Correct all your skin issues wherever needed, under the eyes, side of the nose or the lips. This will help you look flawless and wear that confident smile.

4. Go for Dramatic Eye Makeup:

Who says that you can wear heavy makeup only for weddings?? I don’t agree!! Diwali also calls for recreating dramatic eye makeup looks. As you all know, smokey eyes never goes out of vogue, so the safest option is to create smokey eyes for the eye makeup look. You can also go for the winged eyeliner look as it looks even sultrier for festive evenings. Experiment with the style of the lines you draw and get those alluring eyes for the festive nights! Graphic eyeliners are also a hot favourite these days!!

5. Shower Your Eyelashes with Some Love:

By that I mean, do not forget to apply the mascara. Without this, your eye makeup doesn’t look complete. You can even go for coloured mascara if you are experimental enough. Also add false eyelashes if you have them for bigger, brighter and more gorgeous looking eyes. Go for water-proof, long-lasting mascara to extend the wear period.

6. Go for Gold:

Diwali is the time to exhibit brightness and luminosity in one’s appearance. And no other colour is better than gold, to flaunt that vibrancy this festive season. Use some shimmer or metallic gold, bronze or copper toned eye shadows for the eyes or you can even opt for gold eyeliners for your eye makeup looks. You can also apply golden lip topper on your lips over the normal lip colour or opt for some gold-based face highlighters to get Diwali like glow!! Also adding a little bit of gold dust at the middle of the lips gives that extra sheen.

7. Add Some Glitter and Attack:

If you are not a big fan of gold themed makeup, you can go for glittery makeup looks instead. It is fun to play with glitters and you can apply them on your face, body, eyes, nails and lips. Be at your creative best and explore new options with glitter. You can use loose glitters, glitter eyeshadow palettes, glitter pastes, glitter liners for creating such looks. It is needless to mention that glitters look stunning and compliment the festive season well.

8. Get that Sculpted Look:

For a perfect Diwali makeup, you have define the shape of your face well and highlight the best features. Don’t go for too much prominent contouring, rather keep it subtle with powder based contouring products. If you have a rounded face, then contouring is must. This Diwali, project your best selves with a bit of contouring. If you already have slim and sharp facial features, this will give you a complete sculpted look and you will look no less than a diva!!

9. It’s Time to Add a Tint:

A simple hack to stun at your Diwali bash is a rosy touch of colour. Use a powder blush in a cherry tone or pink and dab it over the apples of your cheeks with your fingers. Blend the product completely for a naturally pink cheeks. The flush of colour will add a lot of drama to your look in no time!

10. Flaunt the Diwali like Glow with a Highlighter:

It’s time to get the ultimate Diwali like glow and nothing better than a highlighter serves that purpose. Every girl loves that on-point strobing effect for the festive season. A highlighter, whether powder or cream based helps to highlight the high-points of your face and gives it a more defined look. It should applied on the areas where light strikes the face like the top of the cheek bone, the brow bone, bridge of the nose and Cupid’s bow etc. This would help light to reveal and give a beaming effect. I personally prefer rose-gold highlighters for the festive season.

11. Get the Perfect Pout:

The choice of lip colour is going to be absolutely yours. But the basic tip would be to tone down the colour of your lips if you have gone for dramatic eye makeup and vice versa. For this festive season, shades of reds, pinks, corals and berries are the best deal. Your lip colour should also match your outfit perfectly. If you opt for pastel outfits, then a bright and bold shape of lip colour would look good whereas, if you are already flaunting a bright outfit, it would be best to pick some light shade like pink or simply add some lip gloss. Don’t forget to prep your lips and use a lip liner to get that perfect shape of your pout.

12. Don’t Forget to Set Your Makeup:

Giving a finishing touch to your makeup is very important. You would not like the sweat and humidity to ruin your precious look. So, set your makeup with a setting spray to make it last longer. The finish of the setting spray would be of your choice- either matte or dewy. This would help your makeup to look flawless.

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