Diwali 2016 Copper and Gold Makeup Look + Cover FX Cream Concealer, Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector, Laura Mercier Candle Glow Soft Illuminator Foundation Review


Hi Everyone, 🙂

This is my makeup look for this Diwali. Lots of orangey metallic copper and gold! 🙂 I hope you all have an amazing and a safe Diwali. Looooads of wishes for your family and you. Have a fabuulous festive time with your loved ones. 🙂 I hope you enjoy my Diwali makeup look. I would absolutely love to see your makeup looks too. And if you like mine, I would love if you recreate it. 🙂 Don’t forget to share your looks in Madam Gupshup 🙂 You may check my Diwali outfit on FauxPas HERE

Face Makeup : I have been doing face makeup like this all through this trip and I absolutely love it. So I start with a primer. Then I apply the stick foundation for coverage, then I apply a peachy corrector underneath the eyes to counteract any greyness / shadow. I also dot some peachy corrector around my chin area. Most Indian women have pigmentation around chin area. A peach corrector helps to balance it all out. So I blend both the foundation and corrector. Then I apply a thin wash of watery foundation just for that luminous glow all over. Then I use my concealer a shade lighter for under eyes to add that brightness and freshness to my under eye area. I know it’s a long process but it’s amazing. I love how the end result looks so smooth, non cakey and luminous. You can set everything with powder after that. Then go on with your powder contouring, highlighter and blush. Plus with this technique your foundation would last really long.

Eyes : I wanted a lot of drama on the eyes. So I did. I am literally obsessed with MUFE eye makeup products. They are some of the finest eyeshadows, and pigments I have used in a long time. Exceptional is the only word I have for them.

After applying the eyeshadow base, I applied a peachy brown transition color just above the crease. Then did my outer corner of the lid with cool dark brown shade. I used the orangey copper eyeshadow as a first layer of eyeshadow on the inner third of the lid. Then I applied a copper metal powder on the copper eyeshadow.For inner corner I applied gold metal powder …well why not! It’s Diwali! 😀 For lower lash line it’s mostly dark brown eyeshadow and copper eyeshadow blended. I also applied some glitter here and there on the lid for a little twinkle. 🙂 Finished off with black liner, lashes, eye kohl and some mascara. Since there was so much going on eyes and with that nath, I wanted to keep it very bare on the lips. So just applied a shimmery gloss and let it be!gold-copper-diwali-2016-makeup




Face :
Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation Warm Natural 4.5
Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer
Laura Mercier Candle Glow Soft Luminous Foundation Suntan
Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector Peach
Cover FX Cream Concealer Medium
MUFE Pro Finish Powder No 140
MUFE Eyeshadow 748 (Warm Coral) used as blush
Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit Medium
Tom Ford Skin Illuminating Powder Duo Moodlight

Eyes :
NYX Eye Primer
MUFE Eyeshadow M720 (soft peach color used as a transition color), M618 (cool toned dark matte brown), I 736 (an iridescent copper eyeshadow)
MUFE gold Metal Powder (on inner corner)
MUFE Copper Metal Powder(on top of copper eyeshadow)
MUFE Diamond Powder no 4(a copperish gold shimmer powder) used just as a light wash all over to get that twinkling effect on eyes.
Sugar Eye Kohl
Bobbi Brown Smokey Effect Mascara
Huda Beauty Lashes Giselle

Anstasia Sunset Strip Lip Gloss



I would also be including small reviews in my makeup looks now. I have too many products and only limited time. My reviews keep getting delayed all the time. So from now on, I’d review some products that I have used in a particular makeup look in the same post only.  It would be easier for me and honestly, you’d get the reviews faster. 🙂 If I miss out on any information regarding the product, you may ask me in the comments below and I’d be happy to help. 🙂

Cover FX Cream Concealer Review (USD 27/ INR Rs 1800 approx for 10ml) 

The most amazing thing about this brilliant concealer is that it is available in Sephora India. 😀 And honestly, it is one of the best concealers I have in my kit at the moment. Cover FX Concealer come sin this tiny little squeeze tube. This concealer reminds me a lot of the Amazing Concealer I used years back. Cover FX Concealer is such a power house when it comes to concealing just about anything. A tiny little drop is required to conceal the dark circle or marks or spots. You name it and it covers. It is very creamy so it glides on skin easily. I say it is best if you pat this concealer with your finger tip. This way you would keep the intensity of the product. And after a minute or so it sets. But i still set it with powder and I am good to go. I use it in the shade medium, which is a tad bit lighter for my skin tone but makes for a perfect under eye concealer for me. It is available in 12 shades.This concealer has a slightly thick consistency so it makes for an extremely opaque coverage. This looks like a heavy dose concealer but blends like a dream and feels light on the skin. Plus it is very long lasting. I have worn it so much for good 10-12 hours as well and it stays rock solid. Does not cake up. Does not feel heavy. Does not settle in fine lines/ wrinkles. Does not have any funny fragrance. Hasn’t caused any reaction. You can even thin the consistency by mixing it with some primer for an everyday use. You can use a brush or your finger tips…it works.  Rating : 5/5

Tip : If you have very dark under eye circles with greenish / greyish shadows. Just put an peach corrector and then apply this concealer.Set everything with powder. No one would even know you had dark circles. 😀 Cover FX Concealer Review Cover FX Concealer Review Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Concealer/ Corrector Peach Review :( Price : USD 40/ Rs 2600 approx for 7ml)

Along with the Serum Foundation, Bobbi Brown also launched a whole range of Serum Concealers and Correctors.  It is available in 21 shades.These serum correctors are meant to give you benefits of skincare while also correcting your problem areas.This serum concealer includes Cordyceps Mushroom, Indian Tree Root and Bamboo Grass that supports its natural repair process of the skin in long run.I have two of them a corrector and a concealer from the range. These are just the same things in various shades. These come packed in these little black tubes with wand applicator. They have quite a lotion like consistency. They are very light and give quite a light coverage. So if you don’t have very dark under eyes but still want that little correction for your under eye area, this is a good one. I mostly use it under my concealer just to counteract the shadows underneath my eyes. It has a medium coverage and very creamy consistency. I say it does not do much but does something. On a daily basis I don’t want heavy concealers underneath my eyes. And this along with a little concealer works just fine. A product like this is such a fabuulous one for those with mature skin as well. It does not feel heavy or gets cakey or settles in wrinkles.

I personally got to start liking it as I used more and more of it. I have been using this tube for months now. For me it is just a light corrector to counteract the shadows both around my chin area and underneath my eyes. I do my concealer and foundation on top of it. It corrects the tone, makes my skin look even and that’s all I am expecting out of it. I find it a fantastic everyday product because it is so light on the skin. I don’t find it drying or stretchy underneath my eyes. It has skin care included so it makes for a fab under eye product. If I have to I might to repurchase because I find it very light for myself even when it comes to correcting the undertone. I am a huge Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector fan. I might pick that up only. But I would still say that this is worth the try because it is so light on the skin, you might actually like it more than a creamy product. On its own it does not have a great staying power. It kind of sheers down even more as the day passes by, kind of creases a bit on my dry under eyes and after pretty much for 4-5 hours, it is gone. But I personally use it as a layering product for correcting my tone and I totally make it work for me. Def not a favourite I’d say.

Rating : 3/5Bobbi Brown Serum Corrector Bobbi Brown Serum Corrector Laura Mercier Candle Glow Soft Illuminator Foundation Review (Price : USD 48/ Rs 3200 approx)

 I use it in shade Suntan, which has become a tad bit darker for my NC 35 skintone because I am in Paris from past month or so and there has pretty much been no sun. I am pretty sure when I go back to India, I would be Vitamin D deficient. 😛

This foundation is available in 24 shades. I am in loove with these watery foundations. This foundation has a sheer coverage. So even though my foundtaion shade has become a bit darker for me, it works because the coverage is quite sheer. And when you wear it on its own, honestly it might look quite blah! Or if you have a pretty model’esque skin and you are just looking for that light glow , this is for you. To build up this foundation, apply first layer and wait for some 15 seconds, then apply the second layer. If you try to build up the coverage with this one without giving a dry time, you would only be moving the foundation underneath. This is a perfect foundation for those with dry to combination skin. Would not recommend it for those with oily skin. It holds true to its name and gives that candle glow finish to the skin. Very light and dewy and kind of glow from within.

How I use it : I apply the stick foundation for coverage, then I apply a peachy corrector underneath the eyes to counteract any greyness / shadow. I also dot some peachy corrector around my chin area.So I blend both the foundation and corrector. Then I apply a thin wash of watery foundation just for that luminous glow all over. It’s like adding that little invisible glowing veil on your skin. And especially for winters, it is fabulous. And it gives the most natural and luminous finish to my skin. I have used this foundation in pics above and HERE, HERE , and HERE

Overall, I LOOVVEE this foundation. I have normal to dry skin and plus the way I use it it is absolutely fantastic. On its own it is quite blah if you don’t have a perfect skin to start with. It’s pretty watery and thin in consistency and blends within seconds. Again, on its own it does not have a great staying power. You are pretty much starting with almost nothing on the skin, after 3-4 hours, it would be even more ‘nothing’ on the skin. If you want to use it, use it as a layering product on top of a primer atleast. I have been using it almost everyday for a month now and I would definitley repurchase this if I have to. 🙂 The lovely glow stays on me all day long and because it is so thin, it does not add another layer of foundation on my skin. So my skin looks healthy and glowy and very natural looking.

Rating : 4.2/5Laura Mercier Candleglow Foundation Review

Swatches : Laura Mercier foundation, Bobbi Brown Peach Corrector, Cover FX Concealerdsc01900



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  1. Heyyy,
    Haapppyy Diwaliii to you and Sanjeev Sir 🙂 How is Diwali in Paris?
    I know this is makeup post but I LOVEEEEE ur outfit…I have been eyeing that fabindia kurta for a long tym…That dupatta with that kurta is so perfect…Is it also from Fabindia? You look stunning as always 🙂
    Including the reviews here was an awesome idea 🙂

    1. hey swathi. 🙂 thanks! 🙂 Yes the dupatta is also from fabindia. i paired it myself . It does not come with the kurta. I just loved the color of it and it added a nice contrast. 🙂

      Thanks a ton! 🙂 Wish you a very Happy Diwali 🙂

  2. Wishing YOU & Sanjeev Sir, A Very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous Diwali. Wow you look so beautiful and your eye makeup is indeed very beautiful. Always await your FOTD and reviews. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Happiest Diwali! :*
    Wow the look is just brilliant! I really love how you do your eye makeup!
    Pretty pretty! 😀

  4. The eye makeup is sooo gorgeous!!!!!!! happy diwali dii!! hope you are having an amazing time there. Convey my wishes to Sanjeev ji !

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