12 Things You Need to Know about Konjac Sponges

By Surabhi Singh

Konjac sponges are plant-based facial and body exfoliating sponges. They are 100% natural and have alkaline nature. These sponges come in different shapes and sizes, infused with different ingredients. Using konjac sponge is very easy. It has to be soaked in water so that it can expand and become spongy and soft. In case you are new to this concept and seeking all the details about these wonderful konjac sponges, you are at the right place. Read on and find out 12 important things about konjac sponges.

Add a radiance to the skin

Konjac sponge is an effective cleanser. It removes all the dirt, oil and impurities from your face even without any face cleanser. This helps in revealing a clearer and radiant skin. When you use a product that exfoliates, it ultimately provides radiance to your skin. You can use it every day or once or twice a week according to your needs.

Gentle exfoliation

After getting soaked in water, konjac sponge becomes soft in texture. It is very gentle on the skin and yet exfoliates your skin very well. It does not irritate your skin or give you bumps. These sponges are so gentle on your skin that they can replace your mild scrubs and can be used daily. Konjac sponges can buff away dry and flaky skin easily.

Can treat clogged pores

Daily but gentle exfoliation is very effective at unclogging the pores. Hence, regular usage of a sponge unclogs the pores and removes whiteheads and blackheads easily. When you pores are not clogged, your skin becomes healthy and clear.

Effective makeup remover

Konjac sponges can also be used to remove makeup. Just a swipe is able to remove eye makeup. Konjac sponge can also be used at the time of removing facial masks. If you are thinking of using your konjac sponge in above-mentioned ways, proper care at the time of washing must be taken as a dirty sponge will inhibit bacteria and mould.

A healthy skin

Konjac sponges are alkaline in nature. Hence, they help in neutralising the slightly acidic impurities and dirt on the skin, making it look clearer. Maintaining your skin’s pH balance is very necessary to keep it blemish-free.

Have a shelf life

Yes, they do have a shelf life. If you take proper care while using and washing, a sponge will last three months. You can do your own maths based on this. Konjac sponges are needed to be replaced every three months if used regularly.

Can be used with or without cleansers

Konjac sponges alone are very effective as far as skin cleansing is concerned. On the other hand, if you want to use a facial cleanser along with your konjac sponge, you can definitely go on with it. However, remember to wash off the sponge properly and rinse of the cleanser to keep your sponge in a good shape.

Infused variants

Konjac sponges come in original as well as in infused variants, like green tea, activated charcoal, pink clay, green clay and many others. You can choose the konjac sponge according to your needs and skin type. These sponges offer unique benefits that add up and benefit your skin. Whether your skin is dry, combination or oily, you have a large variety to choose from.

Soak prior use

When you get a konjac sponge, it is very hard in nature, hence it has to be soaked in water. Let the konjac sponge be soaked in water for 20-25 minutes so that it can full expand and become soft. If you soak it in lukewarm water, the time will slightly reduce and the texture will become softer. However, never use boiling water for your konjac sponge. Your sponge should always be completely dry before next usage, else it might breed bacteria.

Proper after-use cleaning

After using the konjac sponge, wash it under running water properly. This habit will help in removing all the impurities and cleanser from the konjac sponge. For squeezing out the water, never twist the sponge. It can damage the plant fibres of the sponge and affect its shelf life. To squeeze the water out properly from the sponge, press the sponge in between your palms. This will help in removing excess water without damaging the sponge.

Proper after-cleaning care

After squeezing out the water from the konjac sponge, it needs to be air dried. Do not leave your sponge in the bathtub or pool. Also, avoid hanging the konjac sponge under direct sunlight as it damages the sponge.

Disinfect your sponge

Once in a while, konjac sponges need to be disinfected. To disinfect your sponge, soak it in warm water, not boiling water, for 4-5 minutes. After 4-5 minutes, drain the excess water. When the konjac sponge gets cooled down, squeeze out the excess water from the sponge.

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