13 Ways to Incorporate Gold in Makeup/Fashion

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Gold should not just be reserved for holidays and festivals. You can wear gold pieces in your everyday routine too. Here’s how you can use gold in your everyday makeup, accessories and outfits.

gold outfit


Eye makeup
A shimmery gold shadow goes so well with almost all skin tones. Incorporating gold in your eye makeup is a great idea for a festive night. Finish off the look with layers of mascara and bold brows to complement the jewelled look of metallic gold.

Lip Glosses

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gold lip gloss

A hint of gold lip gloss over your matte wines, plums and reds is a great way to add sparkle to your makeup look. You can wear a sheer gold lip gloss on bare lips too for that dewy and glistening neutral pout.

Eye Liners

If you think you won’t be handle gold eye shadow but still want to try it then just go for gold eyeliners for a subtle glint and shine.

Face Powder

gold highlighter

Swiping a powder over a metallic gold palette and then on the face is a great way to get an overall glow on the face which is subtle yet charming.



Gold colour is not just reserved for Indian wedding functions. Gold footwear in various forms like shoes, heels, flats or ballerinas can be worn on a daily basis to spice up any boring look.

Nail Paints

gold nail polish

Gold is such a rich and festive shade. You can use a shimmery gold nail polish to paint your nails or you can use other shades to go with gold nail paint to make your nails stand out.

Gold Cuffs, Bracelet or Bangles

Anything in your hands with metallic gold shade is enough to spice up any look. You can wear these things with neutrals, blacks or any colour to add just the right amount of bling and pop of colour to any outfit.


gold necklace

Gold necklaces in chains form, chokers or statement necklaces can be worn in so many ways. Long delicate chains can be stacked up to form elegant layers. Chokers and statement necklaces can be worn on any everyday outfit to spruce it up!


A metallic watch with gold accents is a timeless classic piece. This kind of watch is so versatile that you will wear this everyday with all your outfits.


Incorporating gold in your outfits is not tricky as it may seem. Here’s how you can wear gold!

Gold with Burgundy

gold and burgundy

These are classic colours and complement each other so well. You can go for a burgundy dress and pair it with golden shoes, clutch, belt or statement jewellery. You will look refined and elegant in no time.

Gold with Grey

An all grey look can sometimes look plain boring. To spruce it up and add the required oomph to the outfit, you can incorporate gold pieces. As black and gold colour can be too intimidating for some but grey and gold make for a cosy and sophisticated look.

Gold Skirt

gold skirt

An understated gold skirt with neutrals can be a great way to make a style statement. You have to try to believe it!

Gold Dress

No you won’t look like a disco ball in a golden dress. Keep the rest of the look simple with minimal makeup and let your dress do all the talking. You can also wear a solid coloured jacket over the dress if you are not comfortable with a whole dress in gold.

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